I like things. My stuff means a lot to me even if its "just" things. Im gonna show you some of my summer buys. Thanks to the inspirations of the great finnish blog Varpunen i have gone sort of pop-up crazy. These are three very different and very amazing in their own way-pop-up books: ABC3D, Trail and 600 black spots.

▶ Everyone: I will draw the four pinterest-invite-names tomorrow (wednesday)!
Emma: Yep, little Ivan will soon be 2 years old! -i got a dentist appointment tomorrow..
▶ Lea: Thanks for plum-tip!
Fenke: I have been wanting the white one for some time and then i found this black one on sale in the swedish store Lagerhaus!
▶ Jana: result: plums are only good if they are really really ripe without being too ripe!
Irene: you will be surprised how much old aunties will go along with when they see how happy it makes you :)
▶ Katrine: Jep, kaninen var en gave -nok mest til Ivan :)
Whitney: It was a wedding gift for my nephew and it really made me want one too... maybe i can have one in the attic...
▶ Brooklyn codger: :)


milk tooth's rain said...

Love the pop up books!
ABC3D is really cool I have it too! ;)

lisen said...

I also got the ABC3D, its so smart! I had many pop-up-books as a child..and also books with hidden words - you had to flip up flaps to find the right words..very fun! I cant remember if they ever broke, dont think so...thats quite weird isn't it? hehe

emma said...

these two are amazing, but the second one i've never seen before. i wonder how they do when they're "planning" it, how they make it work. hope yours will stay intact now. good luck at the dentist!!

jokemijn said...

haha, love them :) i gave abc3d as a present to a friend that loves type too.

amaturecouture said...

omggggggggggggg, i love the colors on the shoes!!!!



DoreDoris said...


jeana sohn said...

the books are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastiske bøger. De havnede direkte i min indkøbskurv - skal bare lige trykke til kassen når jeg har penge snart :)
Super flotte og inspirerende sjove.

Elsker forresten din blog, er lige faldet over den, og den er super flot.

Laver du ting du sælger vil jeg lige høre?