Flowers from friends and gifts from Japan! Two of our friends have been travelling around Japan for five weeks and are finally home! Have missed them A LOT! they brought plenty of koala cookies, coffee jelly, alphabet stamps and a moving piece of nigiri for Elinor :) Goodness. Last night we had all you can eat running sushi. I can't remember the last time i was so full

▶ Maja B: Tak!
Bykirabo: Ja, det er også en af mine yndlingsting ved lejligheden!
▶ Katrine: det var det også lidt :)
B: Surt! glæder mig til vi snart ses
▶ Nidhi: i love it when she leans out to look at something
Fábio: Thank you - so sweet
▶ Millo: Ja, de er ret fantastiske
Lisen & Gustav: Hurra Hurra for Lisen & Gustav
▶ Danielle: Thank you so much - don't be shy! keep commenting!
Maria: D and I don't agree on the living room so its still in limbo
▶ schorlemädchen: ;)
Bonjour Juliette: Thank you - i love reinventing but at the same time i love how everything is
▶ Julie: Tak! Tror ikke jeg kan sige nogle bestemte butikker - det vigtigste er at vælge hver eneste ting for sig, så man får en helt personlig blanding. Hay er et godt sted at finde flotte, nye ting, men ellers er det arveting, hjemmebygget og genbrug! Lampen er købt i ROOM som vist er gået konkurs
Kate: Thank you!


irene said...

wow is this wonderful! the flowers are just beautiful and the koala cookies... omg, i just know those with choco cream. which flavor did you get? vanilla ice cream and wafer?!

bouclette said...

it is so fresh here !!! great blog
the koala cookies are the best cookies ever !!
they are so cute, you just can't eat them !!

jana said...

beautiful flowers! love the different colours.
and i don't know why, but japanese stuff is always the best.

Tiffany said...

the little fuzzy balls in the corner look like they could be flowers too!

fmi said...

ah, koalabjørn er mine beste barndoms-kino-godterier:D

malin said...

I just wanna touch them :D

whitney said...

i am so jealous of elinor's sushi!

we were in a sushi restaurant a few weeks ago, and by the register there was a display case filled with plastic sushi! unfortunately it was just "the take-out menu" although i did ask if i could buy some for tayvee to play with. they said no. :(