As you can see i have had a fantastic vacation -this is a little of the left overs. I feel like i have finally returned to Copenhagen with a friend's wedding yesterday and an evening trip through the city in a massive rain storm. Today sure feels like a sunday.

▶ B: Og det var den største hjælp at du var der! tak tak tak
Irene: They held their wedding at my parents place, where i grew up and where we got married two years ago -it is a very magical place! and YES lots of german wheat beer!
▶ So perfect! -and thank you for the tip!
Siri: I will! all the Men at the wedding were too crazy about the oven for any of us women to get a try! i want a garden and my own one right now!
▶ Jana: The best day imaginable
Ida: nemlig
▶ Stuffedmice: ha ha yeah me too -a cafe is one of those dreams where the dream is probably more fun than reality
Debby: good times!
▶ Lisen: I LOVED the dress too! helped her pick it out and it was such a perfect find!


STEFANIE said...

It sure looks like you had a wonderful time! And I couldn't help but notice, but are those Minimarket shoes? I LOVE them! :))

Konfettiform said...

Hei, og takk for din søte kommentar, og får å ha vist veien hit til din spennende blogg. Her skal jeg bruke tid på å bli kjent :)

Ha en fargerik uke!!
Lena, Konfettiform.

steph. said...

oh yes, those shoes! who are they by?

looks amazing, what a wonderful wedding. x

emma said...

seems like your vacation contained it ALL. lots of colours, love, rest, and sun. well done! :D

irene said...

thanks for your answer! your wedding photos are so great, this must have been such an amazing day :) i'm afraid i couldn't celebrate my wedding in such a nice and funky way, because my old aunties and uncles wouldn't be the compatible guests :(

whitney said...

i just realized that that is a BUNNY!!! i want it!

brooklyn_codger said...

Bunny in a box!

Linn said...

Fedt første billede!

amaturecouture said...

looks like a blast!!