more marimekko & minimarket

I have some more minimarket and marimekko from my summer of consuming :) I had been eyeing the 100% silk marimekko dress for a long time and finally bought it - on sale too - when my sister found her dress. I thought it was a perfect way of being connected at the wedding -looking very different but both wearing marimekko. The shoes are from Minimarkets cheaper brand Mini for Many and i bought them on sale in Göteborg. I sometimes think Minimarket are making clothes just for me - but they forgot to ask about my fashion-budget! I wish i could buy every piece of clothes and every shoe and every hat they have ever made, but i will settle for two pairs of shoes.

▶ Alaina, Gracia, Louise: I made my sister choose which picture of her in dress and shoes i should blog and im so glad she chose this one - i love action shots!
Weekdaycarinval: Do it!
▶ Same length pinkies: I know its so unique and i think it works especially well with the softness of the suede!
Amaturecouture: Who knew orange could make you so happy
▶ Sofie: I love that blue of those blue suede shoes! have you seen the zipper flats on sale on tatty devine? -i almost bought them both!
Emma: im glad you could appreciate my story - i felt a little stupid writing it, i mean its just a little shopping story :)
▶ sopchan: My sister lives in the other end of the country (not that far when you live in Denmark, but still) and i love that we can be shoe twins! I think we might have done that before too ;) actually my friend also bought the shoes when i told her about them so now we are shoe triplets!
Lisen: they are made for us because we are made for eachother :)
▶ Jana: The dress has so many good details -for example the strips goes the other way on the back!
AC: Its easy having good taste when you find a dress and shoes like that!
▶ Tiffany: Now you too can start dreaming about all their beautiful designs :)
DoreDoris: :)
▶ Julia Hausfrau: Jeg går faktisk aldrig med hæle, men de her er så små... Køb dem! jeg tror højdeforskel er det nye sort
Nina: Lige præcis!


Lisen said...

I love those clothes-blogposts, always such nice finds!

My little sister Ellen told me that Lindex has mumin-clothes for kids now;;3215210;3232580;3454164;111361

Is'nt it nice?! Wish I had/was a baby. ;)

Lea said...

please please please: show us a picture of (you with) the marimekko dress! :)

sofie said...

i have! though i've got an overload of flats and a shortage in boots! so i'm just going to continue the search for the perfect blue (cheap) pair of boots, haha
minimarket & marimekko are so great aren't they, the shoes & dress are lovely!

Stine Marie said...

ahhh Marimekko...can never go wrong:D Very lovely dress!:)