Don't worry i have more to show you from my summer of spending :) In the early spring Peter Jensen designed a collection for Weekday and i bought the fantastic blue and white-striped tassel t-shirt dress. It has been a favourite of mine since, so when we found ourselves in the middle of summer sales in Göteborg with 75% reductions, well, i bought the t-shirt and the tank-top as well... I do love uniforms after all. (i have added a link to the blog in the end of the post to ease navigation especially in rss readers :))

▶ Lisen: you should never have sent me that link!! as you can gather from my posts lately i have no money left and then you go and show me all that goodness!
Lea: ha ha im very open to that kind of convincing -but i don't really have a photo of me in the dress, so you will have to wait till i wear it again! luckily i think it works very well as an everyday dress too
▶ Sofie: That might be a good way of thinking. I can't get that blue out of my mind really
Stine Marie: I was really surprised at how many good things they had in so may different styles! i mean my sisters and my dress are so beautiful and so different and we tried on many more in the store!
▶ B: Jeg er fortaler for at alle bør eje de sko :)
Bantik: Just send a request on the pinterest site - i don't have any more invitations but you should be able to get in that way :)


Maria said...

Ooh I almost bought the t-shirt when I was in stockholm this summer...! it was on sale too. I regret that I didn't buy it:/ I'm sure it looks great on you!

+ I LOVE the minimarket shoes!

irene said...

wow, i love these! i really love these!

Josephine said...

Jeg elsker elsker elsker din/jeres blog. Elsker layoutet, opsætningen og alt hvad der bliver smidt op. Håber det er ok jeg lige smider dig på mine yndlingsblod på min egen:)