sorry for neglecting you! im running and running and forgetting to take any photos in the mean time. But here is Rufus and last nights late-and-home-alone dinner


a f r i c a

Some of you asked about the map of africa on our fridge. I put it up because i have a plan: I need to know a little more about africa! just a little bit! So many countries and i could place only a few on a map or tell you anything about their history. So i plan to go through every country in the continent and learn just a little bit about each.

▶ everyone: :)



Surround yourself with smiles! its easy when you find boxes like these in your local supermarket!

▶ Bantik: I could use a get away like that: either with indian summer or just a fireplace!
Celine: me too - stripes + purple!
▶ Siri: I found the horse outside a store selling used childrens stuff and had to take it. love the blue and red!
Frøken Garsdal: Der er intet bedre end gråvejr når man kan være hjemme!
▶ Ida: Tak!
Milk tooth: Thank you!



Happy weekend to all of you out there in the world. im staying in.



just a little post about colour: #408640 #B01010 #0080E0

▶ Natascha: Du har ret! det mørke, triste blik - hvor komme det fra?
Nina: Tak skal du have!
▶ Lisen: Han ser så tænksom ud!
Emma: Thank you so much!
▶ Nathan: bacotatrian -though that would probably be some one who only eat bacon... yum
▶ Caterina: Jeg bruger et Olympus E 510. Et udemærket entry level dslr
Alison: indeed!
▶ Roberta Jane: Rufus actually often poses when i bring out the camera, but this day he wasn't in the mood i guess
Linn: Tak for din søde kommentar. Indtilvidere sælger jeg ikke noget... ind til videre...
▶ Linda: Havregrynskugler er den bedste imporviserede snack -og så er de jo totalt fyldt med fibre..
Emma: Prøv det!
▶ Dessa: ha ha - I could really eat forty dates right now!



I tried to take portrait of Rufus but he wouldn't stand still. I will try again when the light comes back

▶ everyone -date-virgins and date-lovers alike (love your comment Whitney!): Try wrapping a piece of bacon around a little sprig of fresh thyme and a date and baking them in the oven and serving them for brunch! yuuummmy! well, you know, everything wrapped in bacon really.. For all the vegetarians: there should be an accepted form of vegetarianism where your are allowed to eat bacon.



I tried making a healthier version of cocoa balls i usually make substituting butter with dates. I don't think they are nearly as delicious... and i think the dates are far more delicious in the oven wrapped with bacon

▶ Sandra, Brit & Katrine: Yeah -our good friend who also made us the little shit, made it for Elinor
Bantik: i never knew their name, but they are beautiful
▶ Tina Frey Designs: Thank you so much - keep stopping by!
Emma: oh no, they are from this fall! im allready freezing and its not even really cold yet! im so scared for this winter!


catch up

Some photos that got left behind. Sometimes unfairly. Hope you are having a good week all around the world

▶ Camilla: Im glad you feel it too
Caterina: Jep - selvsammensat med pladevat
▶ Bantik: Exactly. I can handle thinking of them as young or maybe even children, but not as babies
Lisen: He wrote the book after she died, so she didn't. It is partly about her illness, she was bipolar.
▶ Samimi-extremi: your welcome
Tara: I like that i have a date in a bag shop when i come to Sao Paulo.


the wall V

here is another snippet from our photo wall: On the photo is my father and my grandmother!! i love having a photo of my father at such a young age and i love the expression in his face. My father later grew up to write a book about his mother.

▶ Veja Cecilia: Thanks!
Malin: im always choked at how expensive bags can be -even the knock offs on ebay are crazy expensive
▶ Roberta Jane: Thank you! I have actually been using it quite alot lately - i think it could be "the bag" for this season
Louise: Thank you - im usually too sloppy when sewing to make really good bags, but i really did my best this time :)
▶ Saga: Its nice isn't it?



every now and again i become obsessed with the idea of finding THE bag to end all bags. I search high and low to find the perfect combination of unique, timeless, roomy and quality and the search always ends the same: with me realising that a bag like that costs like a billion and that maybe i can make some thing myself. Im actually quite please with the result this time: i made the flowery one and found a cheap leather bag on sale

▶  Everyone: Thanks for all the sweet comments! You can hardly taste the apple but it makes the bread more moist


bread de ungt blod

Im very bad at following recipes but i did take some cues from our swedish baking friend when baking this bread: I added a grated apple and i used his folding technique. It turned out quite good - and really really good when eaten with tomatoes + mayo + salt + pepper

▶ Everyone: thank you for the comments these past days!
samimi-extremie: The photos are put up with tape and it sometimes ruins the pictures if you are not careful when taking them down and it sometimes leaves marks on the wall, but nothing too bad :)


new weekend

new fridge magnets, new bowls, new, old, winter playsuit for Elinor - only 5 kr - and new note books by the talented design studio Sister Brandt. This weekend, right now: Family visits and music at Festival of Endless Gratitude!


Festival of Endless Gratitude

If you are lucky enough to be in Copenhagen this week be sure to stop by Festival of Endless Gratitude! The five-day festival starts today at kph volume (Enghavevej 80-82) exhibiting a wide range of artists at the box cutter gallery and music all night long + any thinkable mix of the two. Personally im looking forward to the Samba Tattoo Tombola! Get much more information here! (some of you might recognise the fantastic artwork of Mathias Malling Mortensen who is one of the talented people behind festival)

▶ Sara: Tak :)
Emma: Tak! Godt at have dig tilbage!
▶ Johanna: :)
Griffin: Its has been a pretty good week! I think the lamp is from Kartell!
▶ Stefanie: She is no baby no more
Tara: Thank you for that sweet comment
▶ Pop life: Yes - the sun was so beautiful in the weekend
Irene: It has such a good atmosphere!
▶ Sofie: Tusind tak for den kommentar!



My new favourite coffee place is only five minutes away. That might be some of its charm, but they also serve good coffee, cool prices, oatmeal and tiramisu and nice small talk at Kaffebaren (Æblestien 2). We stopped by sunday on our way home from brunch when the weather was beautiful

I will add two links to the sidebar: one to my new blog about all things digital and my studies at the IT university: New Ideas. And one to a site with little presentations of my projects. Im working on a big website redesign, but its gonna take some time :)

Malin: Love the comment!
▶ Ella: Such a good idea too!
Kerry: i love how pregnancy can change your attitude towards food you have disliked all your life! -do you still like eggs now?
▶ Young: Meget sjovt -du må ikke sige til ham at han er på internettet!
TeaOrvokki: how strange would it be if i had coloured it :) but that is what it looks like!
▶ Irene: We watched the whole series last summer and fall often viewing several episodes a night! Highly recommended!
schorlemädchen: Oh how cool - your pillow looks so good!
▶ Sandra: uhh i don't know if i have ever had truffle oil!
Ai: the glass is from the swedish store Lagerhaus and very cheap -actually you should try out their website: it has a really cool way for you to browse their products (www.lagerhaus.sse look under sortiment)
▶ Fenke: we talked about how brunch is perfect for sunday, because you can hang out all afternoon and still go home and have a quiet evening and prepare for the week/getting up early!