every now and again i become obsessed with the idea of finding THE bag to end all bags. I search high and low to find the perfect combination of unique, timeless, roomy and quality and the search always ends the same: with me realising that a bag like that costs like a billion and that maybe i can make some thing myself. Im actually quite please with the result this time: i made the flowery one and found a cheap leather bag on sale

▶  Everyone: Thanks for all the sweet comments! You can hardly taste the apple but it makes the bread more moist


Veja cecilia said...

well done!

malin said...

I have the one to the right, but I didn't get it on sale :/
I'm always searching for THE bag :) I want proenza schouler's PS1! Just a LITTLE bit too expensive.

roberta jane said...

The floral bag is so cute! I would definitely carry that bag daily.

louise said...

Both you purchase and your creation look gorgeous. I'm sure both will serve you well.

Caterina Pinzarrone said...

Hej hej,
har du syet tasken med noget vattering? den er bare så fin!

Esther said...

I had to laugh when I read this post! I always have the same 'problem'! I'm always on the lookout for THE bag and when I think I found it there is always something wrong after a few weeks.
I like both your bags! Well done!