catch up

Some photos that got left behind. Sometimes unfairly. Hope you are having a good week all around the world

▶ Camilla: Im glad you feel it too
Caterina: Jep - selvsammensat med pladevat
▶ Bantik: Exactly. I can handle thinking of them as young or maybe even children, but not as babies
Lisen: He wrote the book after she died, so she didn't. It is partly about her illness, she was bipolar.
▶ Samimi-extremi: your welcome
Tara: I like that i have a date in a bag shop when i come to Sao Paulo.


sandra said...

what a cute flowery cat!

Bantik said...

Rowan is the best decoration in autumn!

Brit said...

I'm loving the cat!!

Tina Frey Designs said...

I just discovered your lovely blog! So interesting!!! I really enjoy it!! Thank you!

emma said...

beautiful last post, mette. love the fact that he wrote a book, thats one beautiful "gesture"..
nice rowanberries. i hope they are from last year, because i heard...that if there are lots of rowanberries there will be a cold cold winter. and i do not want one, it was sooo cold last winter. bo-ho! brrr

Katrine Ny said...

Cool cat! :)