We were lucky enough to be a part of a very lovely bunch of happiness this weekend.

▶ Everyone: Thank you so much for all your great thoughts about blogging and the real world! I find it very strange to say the words "i write a blog" when people ask what i do - but it would also be strange to keep it a secret, because i spend so much time doing it... I especially hate explaining what the blog is about! it always sounds so self-centred! I think i will use Marias description: A visual diary!


Linda said...

Hurra for kærligheden, Lea og Niller.

lea said...

tak for sidst kære naboer - dejligt at have jer med til festen! fine billeder.

emma said...

oh, looks DAMN fine this.
hey bytheway, a friend of mine went to a party for/at/with jens lekman this weekend. cause his thought about your lekman-post.

(haha, and yes...every single swedish man wants a SURDEG these days, but my man says he didnt know that. yea rite? hihi... hoho...)