Surround yourself with smiles! its easy when you find boxes like these in your local supermarket!

▶ Bantik: I could use a get away like that: either with indian summer or just a fireplace!
Celine: me too - stripes + purple!
▶ Siri: I found the horse outside a store selling used childrens stuff and had to take it. love the blue and red!
Frøken Garsdal: Der er intet bedre end gråvejr når man kan være hjemme!
▶ Ida: Tak!
Milk tooth: Thank you!


sopchan said...


emma said...

oh! i recognize those from our supermarket as well. they are really nice , and i heard a radio show just now that told me to surround myself with happy faces, cause you become happier yourself, when you do that..! :D perfect.

Linda said...

Det må være efterårets bedste budskab, hvad enten smilet leveres i æskeform eller som den ægte vare.

Leen said...

these are soo cute...would buy them in an instant!

KERRY said...

Oh my! Why don't they have these in my supermarket?!

Nadya said...

funny... i live in ukraine and the same box I bought some time ago in local supermarket

Anonymous said...

... pet grief on vinyl!... nice :)