the wall V

here is another snippet from our photo wall: On the photo is my father and my grandmother!! i love having a photo of my father at such a young age and i love the expression in his face. My father later grew up to write a book about his mother.

▶ Veja Cecilia: Thanks!
Malin: im always choked at how expensive bags can be -even the knock offs on ebay are crazy expensive
▶ Roberta Jane: Thank you! I have actually been using it quite alot lately - i think it could be "the bag" for this season
Louise: Thank you - im usually too sloppy when sewing to make really good bags, but i really did my best this time :)
▶ Saga: Its nice isn't it?


Zelda was a writer said...

mi piace da morire!!
that means: I adore this pic!!
and also the expression of your father...dreamy and curious

Bantik said...

It's somehow surreal to look at photos of your parents in childhood. Hard to imagine them being babys/

lisen said...

such a beautiful picture!
so cool with the book! did she read it? sounds very nice..!

tara said...

your baby is soooooooooooo cute. I liked the bags, one of my friends have a bagshop, i feel so lucky !!!when you come to são paulo , i will show you.