Happy weekend to all of you out there in the world. im staying in.


Bantik said...

Have a nice weekend too!

I'm leaving to summerhouse.. lovely indian summer is here:>

Celine said...

happy weekend!
i love her little suit!

milk tooth's rain said...

happy weekend!

siri said...

Look at El. rocking that horse! What a cute horse. We bought the IKEA rocking moose for when our little boy is big enough to use it (he can't sit up yet). Oh, and I spotted the little poop underneath the horse too :)
God helg!

Ida Nielsen said...

Ej, hvor er hun dog bare sød!
Også god weekend til jer.

Frøken Garsdal said...

Det er også det perfekte indevejr! Lækkerbidsken på gyngehest - uhmmm!

A Merry Mishap said...

How cute. :)
Israel loves his little rocking horse, well it's a moose but whatever. He's really good as rocking back and forth forcefully and has this adorable congratulatory laugh all the while.
Anyways, cute.