Im baking and frying and mixing and preparing for lots of birthday guests coming at noon. We are gonna celebrate both D and E! the pictures are from last week.


this avocado...

This was one of my birthday gifts from D. A leather hand grenade that my change is now rattling around in. Love it. His birthday was yesterday, but im still waiting for his birthday present to arrive. oops.


words don't come easy...

Im a bit too tired for words this evening so i will just give you a couple of snapshots of trees in wrong places, rasmus with a pineapple on his head and some new coffee table decoration.



My parents just left from a little autumn visit. Friday we went to Louisiana. My parents mainly went there to see the big Keifer exhibit. I mainly went unprepared. And we all ended up disappointed by Kiefer and inspired by Sophie Calle and her imaginative, innovative and beautiful projects. The pictures are from her project Take Care of Yourself where a number of women interpret an email from Sophie Calles lover where he breaks it off with her. They are all from different professions and interpret the letter according to their background. I want to own and hang one of those photos on my wall!
Now i have to apologise that this is a very bad recommendation since the exhibit ends TODAY! But look her up if you cross her path (and go TODAY if you are anywhere near Louisiana)! it was a very inspiring experience!

▶ Ida: Ja det bliver mere og mere forvirrende. Men ud over at være en sød rød panda og en sød lille jordbærkage, så er hun også en meget sød tiger!
Fenke: I love to imagine you sitting at your computer and shrieking!
▶ Rotsax: I think its a very popular suit :) Everyone wants to see their baby as a tiger
B: Vi sætter dem begge på toget i aften, så kan du låne dem hele ugen :)
▶ Flora: We are on a waitinglist for daycare, but there is a big shortage in our area so for now we are drawing on the help of family and friends to take care of her. Luckily D can also stay home with her a whole day.
Wera: Thank you! all the pink letters are falling of the amplifier. we need to fix something new
▶ David Johan: Thank you so much
Ai: Thank you so much. Yes i like them quite alot too.
▶ Puer Kim: thanks!
Millo: jep, og intet er bedre til at understrege det end en matchende tigerdragt



fiddling with things at home and trying to savor every minute of this autumn holiday -next week i will not only start school again, but for the first time since going on maternity leave i will have to go to work too. Its gonna be a little tough but hopefully i will find a rhythm to it all.

▶ Lina: I often think i want to live on a house boat, but i don't think im up for the upkeep
Henriette: Tak! -fin blog
▶ Anna Emilia: yeah, me too
Emma: er det kanalen? eller?
▶ Mettes Mad mm.: Jeg fortryder i hvert fald at jeg ikke har besøgt det noget før
Bernardo Henning: :) Yeah really impressive!
▶ Vanessa: not at all. This new part of town is actually some what deserted -especially after the economic crisis. But hopefully the crisis will make the apartments available to all sorts of people so it won't become a glass desert.
Lisen: Oh how funny would it be if that had been true?? it as such a big pile of fur!
▶ CC Taylor: Yep -or as we say in denmark: cute enough to eat
Whitney: Big dogs with lots of fur = bears. Big dogs with short fur = ponies!
▶ kadhysign: Elinors clothes are a weird mix of new and old and cheap and sale :) A good tip is Asos' childrens clothes -they are cheap and some of it quite fun
Tara: :) No i don't specifically work with books: I like books! both the ones you read and the ones you just look at
▶ Annette: Especially those from october 8th
Svanna: Tak! håber alt går godt i jeres lille familie



These are some shots from our walk to the italian supermarked. I love how the surroundings change from our old working class neighbourhood to the newly build parts of Islands Brygge and Sydhavn to the old industrial Sydhavn.

▶ Puer Kim: Yeah, we bought a very strong salsiccia -perfect on pizza!
▶ Sofie: Thank you for the tip! i make risotto all the time
▶ Valentina: I will!



Yesterday D took me to the Italian supermarket, Supermarco -I couldn't wait after his last trip and the grana pandano and the 99% chocolate! Its a long but beautiful walk from our home and there were so many fantastic things at the supermarket! Row after row of all my favorite things like pasta, olives, salami, cheese, espresso and tipo 00 flour with 12,7% protein!! I can't believe i have only spent one day in Italy many years ago -i will seriously have to go the original source soon! I would have shown you much more of this food mecca, but a feisty italian woman stopped me from taking more pictures after the salami counter.

▶ STEFANIE: Im so exited to see it all come together! i hope they will film it!
Sofie: You are absolutely correct! The drawings are the illustrations for a bodysuit! its gonna look amazing -Karen Segall has made bodysuits before that were crazy beautiful.



I have written about my sisters music before and now i once again have an exiting experience for anybody in Copenhagen or Århus: the 22 of october in Århus and the 23rd in Copenhagen my sisters band Marybell Katastrophy will play two concerts under the title: Exploding in explosion. Music will mix with visuals when Jens Mønsted will play visuals to the music like you would play an instrument and the band will play in these amazing illustrations by the talented Karen Segall. I think its really gonna be an explosion for all senses. See more of Karen Segalls work on her blog and read more about the concerts here (in danish)

▶ Fenke: I call my mom mutti too :)
Dennis: We forgot to even listen to First we take manhattan...
▶ Minna: That sounds both strange and delicious! thanks for the tip!
milk tooth's rain: I know, 80% is my favorite! Yes im thinking in a cake or maybe shredded on top of a layered cake.
▶ Shokoofeh: I like it when cake has so much chocolate in it that its almost just like a BIG piece of chocolate!
Emma: YEah it would be really good in hot chocolate!
▶ Same Length Pinkies: Im with grandpa!
Saga: Tak -og ja! det var rigtig sejt at mødes i virkeligheden!
▶ Sofie: Im bad at cutting and painting circles, so that won't work. maybe invent a new shape all together!
Griffen: yeah it sort of have an overall red theme -all by accident
▶ LM: Thanks for linking
Maria: I think we will go there together to day! i have to see it for my self! buy some espresso for sure!
▶ Ida: Uhh that sounds good! I will definitely try chili/chocolate
Tilda: Luckily i calculate wrong and won't start until next week! one week of vacation first!
▶ Oda: Elisabeth and Camilla made it -look at the studio violet website -but i don't think there are any cups left


the italian connection

D went for a walk with E and came back with among other things a giant piece of grana pandano and 99% chocolate. It all came from an italian supermarket here in copenhagen that i for some strange reason have never visited in the many years i have lived here. The 99% chocolate was the weirdest thing i have ever tasted! it took over your whole mouth and it was impossible to eat more than half a centimeter! i think i will make a cake with the rest.

▶ Lundt: That song would be perfect for building a bench!
Shokoofeh: I actually feel like have to find some non-triangle things soon. Im going a bit mad.
▶ when skies are grey: What a delicious suggestion! could i eat the food afterwards i wonder?
Sabine Okami: Thank you!
▶ Toktokada: Friends are what makes it all  worth it!
Ella: Thats so good!
▶ puer kim: ha ha thank you for that! and keep stopping by!
Emma: oh no, we didn't! is there a song we need to listen to while painting blue? im gonna do that tomorrow!
▶ Irene: I find myself searching for figs every time i walk past a fruit display :)
Sofie: Im actually starting to wonder about that. Whats the new shape gonna be? hexagon?



Here is one of the changes we made: we sawed off some of our kitchen island to make a bit more room for the dining table. Then we painted an mdf board to put on the back. The black triangle is painted with chalk board paint (Thank you Niller, you can finally get it back :)) so children and childlike ground-ups can customize it! Somehow it ended up matching a set-up in the living room perfectly. Now im gonna build a bench.

▶ schorlemädchen: Thank you so much. I went a little fig crazy on my birthday
Dessa: Actually the pizzas were just about the only thing with no figs -but it would have been delicious! I like goat cheese + honey on pizza too!
Linda: Ja, jeg er faktisk også lidt glad for det billede
▶ LM: Thank you so much (and there is no need to link to your blog twice)
Lisen: S K Å L
Milk tooths rain: its so funny, because i really don't think of my self as someone who cooks :) but i guess i do cook alot and the visual presentations is almost as important as the taste
▶ Rhea: Thank you so much for that sweet sweet comment. Im proud to play that role for you and CONGRATS on you little new doggy! how exiting!
Michelle: Oh, how cool with insider knowledge!
Sarah: Man skal bare fylde sin stue med de bedste mennesker man kender og det bedste mad man ved = bliss
▶ Jana: Such a great concept
Celine: I have actually never really eaten fresh figs before, but now im obsessed by them
Sandra: Pizza hugs and øl skål!
▶ Maria: Im always selfconscious about photos of myself but this one is so funny.
Griffen: Thank you -and i will update my link-list!
Tiffany: I did -and D's and E's birthdays are just around the corner = more celebrations!


B is for birthday and B is for Brunch

Only now getting around to showing little snippets from my birthday celebrations. After a quiet "just the three and a half of us"-birthday birthday I did a little more celebrating sunday when i had a bunch of sweet sweet people over for brunch followed by cake followed by pizza. I LOVE when people stay over a whole day and you can just take it easy, go for a walk and eat a little more. Im really frustrated that i totally forgot to photograph the brunch and much of the celebrations, but i will show you some of the left overs instead

Kristine: :) i know
Miriam: Thank you for that sweet comment
Mon: Tak! im really glad you like it here!
Line: Thank you so much! what great compliments!
Allesistgut: Yeah, thats why beautiful food works so well on blogs!
Jokemijn: hi hi -its the worst when you just stare at beautiful food and do not dare to eat it!
Lilla a: i would wear them!
Emma: Tak tak! you can wish me happy birthday any day you want
Kerry: Thank you so much!
Ella: I know -i could never make something that precise!
KLW: Thank you! I feel so lucky that i got to meet her
Fruenswerk: TAK! ja, det var virkelig sjovt at få nogle virkelige ansigter på sådan nogle blogmennesker!
Gracia: Thank you! i can assure you that i have been eating A LOT of cakes! and i will continue - oktober is cake month!
Tille: Ja, det synes jeg også!