fiddling with things at home and trying to savor every minute of this autumn holiday -next week i will not only start school again, but for the first time since going on maternity leave i will have to go to work too. Its gonna be a little tough but hopefully i will find a rhythm to it all.

▶ Lina: I often think i want to live on a house boat, but i don't think im up for the upkeep
Henriette: Tak! -fin blog
▶ Anna Emilia: yeah, me too
Emma: er det kanalen? eller?
▶ Mettes Mad mm.: Jeg fortryder i hvert fald at jeg ikke har besøgt det noget før
Bernardo Henning: :) Yeah really impressive!
▶ Vanessa: not at all. This new part of town is actually some what deserted -especially after the economic crisis. But hopefully the crisis will make the apartments available to all sorts of people so it won't become a glass desert.
Lisen: Oh how funny would it be if that had been true?? it as such a big pile of fur!
▶ CC Taylor: Yep -or as we say in denmark: cute enough to eat
Whitney: Big dogs with lots of fur = bears. Big dogs with short fur = ponies!
▶ kadhysign: Elinors clothes are a weird mix of new and old and cheap and sale :) A good tip is Asos' childrens clothes -they are cheap and some of it quite fun
Tara: :) No i don't specifically work with books: I like books! both the ones you read and the ones you just look at
▶ Annette: Especially those from october 8th
Svanna: Tak! håber alt går godt i jeres lille familie


Ida Rud said...

Så har man set det med: en lille, rød panda i tigerkostume.

Fenke said...

wishing you good luck with everything!
and i almost shrieked when i saw the cute tigersuit. okay, not almost - i shrieked.

rotsax said...

my little boy has the same tigerkostume : ) good luck with new job and school!!!!!!!!!!

B said...

Håber det bliver rigtig godt at komme i gang med arbejdet:) Hvor er den bare så god til min lille mus den seje tigerdragt:) kan i ikke sende hende og ruffe med toget til Århus:) Rigtig god koncert i aften, HILS.

Flora said...

Ha! This tiger suit is perfect on Elinor. What happens to her while you work or are at school? Does she stays with a nanny? Anyway good luck with all of this, but it'll be fine, I'm sure :)

wera said...

Your home seems like such a fun place to live in, so many nice and playful details and colour! I like, a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the best of luck to you!!!

puer kim said...

adore your tiger baby. lots of smile and xoxo to the angel!

millo said...

Ellinor har det flotteste røde hår!!! wauw

Ella said...

That's a killer outfit.
Such a lot of clothes look so much better on children than grown ups.

sissimuk said...

For en FANTASTISK hårfarge den liie tigeren har. Så søt!