B is for birthday and B is for Brunch

Only now getting around to showing little snippets from my birthday celebrations. After a quiet "just the three and a half of us"-birthday birthday I did a little more celebrating sunday when i had a bunch of sweet sweet people over for brunch followed by cake followed by pizza. I LOVE when people stay over a whole day and you can just take it easy, go for a walk and eat a little more. Im really frustrated that i totally forgot to photograph the brunch and much of the celebrations, but i will show you some of the left overs instead

Kristine: :) i know
Miriam: Thank you for that sweet comment
Mon: Tak! im really glad you like it here!
Line: Thank you so much! what great compliments!
Allesistgut: Yeah, thats why beautiful food works so well on blogs!
Jokemijn: hi hi -its the worst when you just stare at beautiful food and do not dare to eat it!
Lilla a: i would wear them!
Emma: Tak tak! you can wish me happy birthday any day you want
Kerry: Thank you so much!
Ella: I know -i could never make something that precise!
KLW: Thank you! I feel so lucky that i got to meet her
Fruenswerk: TAK! ja, det var virkelig sjovt at få nogle virkelige ansigter på sådan nogle blogmennesker!
Gracia: Thank you! i can assure you that i have been eating A LOT of cakes! and i will continue - oktober is cake month!
Tille: Ja, det synes jeg også!


schorlemädchen said...

oh my..i just realized I totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday and just commented on the great image of E : ) Happy belated birthday wishes from Sydney...those figs look amazing..

dessa said...

oh,happy belated birthday you!!
you've put figs on pizza?
yesterday i've tried white pizza,no tomato on,with grilled eggplants and wild honey on know what i mean...

Linda said...

Det er nemlig gennemskønt med en hel dag med venner i rolige omgivelser. Billedet af dig er topsejt!

LM photografic said...

lovely pics! i really like the first one :D

my blog:

lisen said...

wow, vilken fest! sista bilden är TOTALLY BÄST! :D skål!

milk tooth's rain said...

first. happy birthday!
second. you really love cooking, ever thinked to create a book? (super nice pics and nice ideas...)

Rhea said...

Happy Birthday from cold cold Sofia too :)
I love your blog. I read it every day when I have a little time off from legal work. It brings me peace, joy and pure pleasure in browsing the beautiful pictures you take of your favourite food, your pretty daugter and, of course, Rufus.
We are picking up our new baby-Italian greyhound next weekend, so coming by the blog of a whippet-master while waiting for our beloved doggy to grow up a little bit, is such a sweet coincidence.

Keep up the good work, and have a fantastic HOLIDAY!!!

Sarah Carlson said...

Nej, hvor ser det hyggeligt ud med stuen fuld af mennesker! Det ligner lige akkurat sådan en fest, hvor man helt glemmer at man er værtinde fordi alt går op i en højere endhed - et forsinket tillykke fra mig:O)

jana said...

looks like a perfect birthday! going for a walk and then eat some more is one of the greatest things :)

Celine said...

it looked so festive!
so much food!!
that fig salad looks yum!

sandra said...

aaaah yum! i love the photo of the hostess! a big pizza hug for you :)

Maria said...

looks so much fun and yummmmy. love the picture of you:)

griffen said...

yummy looking food, friends and family. what more could you ask for. i want to relink you to my new blog!

Tiffany said...

what a brunch! hope you had super celebrations.

when skies are grey said...

A happy belated birthday Mette!! Your pictures are even more gorgeous than usual. You can become a professional food photographer whenever you are ready :)

Toktokada said...

wahouh, looks like you had a beautiful birthday!! I enjoy spending this day with friends for the whole day as well, it makes it very special !!

irene said...

mmmh figs are the best right now!

Svanna said...

Ser ud til at have været en skøn dag med skøn mad!
Stort tillykke fra Vesterbro :-)

jenna@sweetfineday said...

those figs look incredible! Happy birthday!