Here is one of the changes we made: we sawed off some of our kitchen island to make a bit more room for the dining table. Then we painted an mdf board to put on the back. The black triangle is painted with chalk board paint (Thank you Niller, you can finally get it back :)) so children and childlike ground-ups can customize it! Somehow it ended up matching a set-up in the living room perfectly. Now im gonna build a bench.

▶ schorlemädchen: Thank you so much. I went a little fig crazy on my birthday
Dessa: Actually the pizzas were just about the only thing with no figs -but it would have been delicious! I like goat cheese + honey on pizza too!
Linda: Ja, jeg er faktisk også lidt glad for det billede
▶ LM: Thank you so much (and there is no need to link to your blog twice)
Lisen: S K Å L
Milk tooths rain: its so funny, because i really don't think of my self as someone who cooks :) but i guess i do cook alot and the visual presentations is almost as important as the taste
▶ Rhea: Thank you so much for that sweet sweet comment. Im proud to play that role for you and CONGRATS on you little new doggy! how exiting!
Michelle: Oh, how cool with insider knowledge!
Sarah: Man skal bare fylde sin stue med de bedste mennesker man kender og det bedste mad man ved = bliss
▶ Jana: Such a great concept
Celine: I have actually never really eaten fresh figs before, but now im obsessed by them
Sandra: Pizza hugs and øl skål!
▶ Maria: Im always selfconscious about photos of myself but this one is so funny.
Griffen: Thank you -and i will update my link-list!
Tiffany: I did -and D's and E's birthdays are just around the corner = more celebrations!


lundt said...

"now i´m gonna build a bench" reminds me somehow of: "first we take manhattan, then we take berlin". I don´t know why, it just came to my mind. I like the changes, btw.

Shokoofeh said...

I love the way you use triangles here and there. Nice job. :)

Sabine Okami said...

Oh I love the triangles too, and the colours! Your home is so beautiful and homey.

Ella said...

Åh fiiint!
Your triangles make me happy.

puer kim said...

first time visiting
love what you did with everything literally

emma said...

handy persons! looking good huh! i just "remade" our veranda. when its done you just wonder ..why didnt we do this earlier? :D
i like that paint, the black paint. did you play PAINT IT BLACK, while painting? ;)

sofie said...

looks great! one can never have too many triangles in the house : )