the italian connection

D went for a walk with E and came back with among other things a giant piece of grana pandano and 99% chocolate. It all came from an italian supermarket here in copenhagen that i for some strange reason have never visited in the many years i have lived here. The 99% chocolate was the weirdest thing i have ever tasted! it took over your whole mouth and it was impossible to eat more than half a centimeter! i think i will make a cake with the rest.

▶ Lundt: That song would be perfect for building a bench!
Shokoofeh: I actually feel like have to find some non-triangle things soon. Im going a bit mad.
▶ when skies are grey: What a delicious suggestion! could i eat the food afterwards i wonder?
Sabine Okami: Thank you!
▶ Toktokada: Friends are what makes it all  worth it!
Ella: Thats so good!
▶ puer kim: ha ha thank you for that! and keep stopping by!
Emma: oh no, we didn't! is there a song we need to listen to while painting blue? im gonna do that tomorrow!
▶ Irene: I find myself searching for figs every time i walk past a fruit display :)
Sofie: Im actually starting to wonder about that. Whats the new shape gonna be? hexagon?


Fenke said...

funny, that the brand of the tomato sauce is "mutti" which is german, kind of old-fashioned, for mommy :-)

Dennis said...

For painting blue you could play this crappy one:

or this decent one:

Minna said...

Make a mole sauce from that 99% bitter chocolate, it´s good with chicken or that´s what I´w heard. Have a nice weekend.

milk tooth's rain said...

I love black chocolate but usually we - in italy - eat the 70% or 80% max ehehhe otherwise it is kind of impossible!
use it for muffins or a cake ;)

sanpellegrino comes form my hometown!

I love berlin but it is not easy find real italian products...

btw good choice!

Shokoofeh said...

I was going to ask if it's possible to eat 99% chocolate, then you just answered me in your text! I am a big fan of dark chocolate but this one... okay I am sure your chocolate cake will be amazing! xo

emma said...

haha, oh yes this 99% chocolate, its so weird! you said it so good, so true: it takes over your whole mouth! haha. make some hot cocoa ?

Same Length Pinkies said...

my grandpa seems to be the only person who loves this kind of chocolate. he says "the higher the cacao percentage, the better".

sofie said...

ha, yes! but in the end, a hexagon is made out of triangles too! maybe circles?
let's stick to triangles for now ;)

griffen said...

i like the red packaging =)

LM photografic said...

your photo on this post!!

visit it!!

Maria said...

oh wow, I want that huge grana padano piece! I think I never had 99%, must indeed taste too much..! but I'm sure you'll make a good cake:)

italian supermarket..wonderful. wish we had that here too. I have to move to a bigger town!

Ida Rud said...

As someone else suggested, make hot cocoa, and put chili in! I think it's Henrik Boserup who has an excellent recipe for 90-99% hot chocolate with red chili. It's an acquired taste, but if you like hot chocolate, it's worth a try.

Uhm, I feel like bruscetta when I see that cheese. Oh, cheese!

Tilda B. Hervé said...

i wish you a wonderful start in your new office tomorrow!!! and enjoy the colors!!!!