I have written about my sisters music before and now i once again have an exiting experience for anybody in Copenhagen or Århus: the 22 of october in Århus and the 23rd in Copenhagen my sisters band Marybell Katastrophy will play two concerts under the title: Exploding in explosion. Music will mix with visuals when Jens Mønsted will play visuals to the music like you would play an instrument and the band will play in these amazing illustrations by the talented Karen Segall. I think its really gonna be an explosion for all senses. See more of Karen Segalls work on her blog and read more about the concerts here (in danish)

▶ Fenke: I call my mom mutti too :)
Dennis: We forgot to even listen to First we take manhattan...
▶ Minna: That sounds both strange and delicious! thanks for the tip!
milk tooth's rain: I know, 80% is my favorite! Yes im thinking in a cake or maybe shredded on top of a layered cake.
▶ Shokoofeh: I like it when cake has so much chocolate in it that its almost just like a BIG piece of chocolate!
Emma: YEah it would be really good in hot chocolate!
▶ Same Length Pinkies: Im with grandpa!
Saga: Tak -og ja! det var rigtig sejt at mødes i virkeligheden!
▶ Sofie: Im bad at cutting and painting circles, so that won't work. maybe invent a new shape all together!
Griffen: yeah it sort of have an overall red theme -all by accident
▶ LM: Thanks for linking
Maria: I think we will go there together to day! i have to see it for my self! buy some espresso for sure!
▶ Ida: Uhh that sounds good! I will definitely try chili/chocolate
Tilda: Luckily i calculate wrong and won't start until next week! one week of vacation first!
▶ Oda: Elisabeth and Camilla made it -look at the studio violet website -but i don't think there are any cups left


STEFANIE said...

Looks great!! Wish I could see it in person :)

sofie said...

circles are impossible to draw indeed. i'll start thinking of a new shape right away! :)
the illustrations are beautiful, at first they looked like cothing patterns, would look great as a pair of crazy leggings!

dessa said...

oh man,i want that.uhmpf.
looks terrific.

Ella said...

Wow, these illustrations are crazy good!

david john said...

loving your blog! some amazing images. if you have time, take a look at my site. all the best, david john, YHBHS

los angeles, interiors:art

cis said...

how funny! i love your blog and i've also known the music of your sister since 5 years without knowing, that you two are sisters. how small the world is! i hope, she will come to germany soon, i hadn't had the chance to see her in concert yet.
beside that, the illustrations are just great! :)