sleep deprivation

The cause of my sleep deprivation was a very short one day one night with no sleep in another country.


more sleep please

This is how i feel right now :) i have been on a little trip with very little sleep, so i think im just gonna sleep all weekend. Illustration is from a fantastic t-shirt by these guys - often in need of sending out that statement!



a lovely grey walk - i like them. Turned out to be the last fall walk before winter set in. I love how you can see winter spread around blog land! this morning the ground was white all over. The fish are from one of my favorite walls in my neighbourhood.

▶ Everyone: thanks for the sweet comments and thanks again for the cool gifts you two!



I got two nice packages this week all ready: A beautiful gift from Sara and Minimega (who i had a link to in the "i like" section (which has been terrible neglected - especially the music part -have something ready though)) - It was a bounty of colours and patterns and cute animals! And all impressively organic and friendly. Thank you Thank you Sara. And today came a sweet gift for Elinor from Gabija of Bantik: Two sweet hair clip bows in the coolest card ever (love the bird!). THANK YOU! brightens up my grey grey day!

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the sweet comments (im sorry for all the mass-answers, but time, you know..) The face is as always made with adhesive folio/home made decals - For Nikoline: The grenade is by Verivinci. For kreativiteterna: The shoes are by Mini Market (+ swedish is fine :)) and Lise w: hvilken perfekt collaboration!



When i photographed my baking session the other day I realized i hadn't shown you the new things that has happened in out kitchen!

When our oven broke earlier this year we decided to change the decorations on our cabinets. So i took down the old, colorful decorations (you can see them here) and went for something simpler: just one little winking face on one cabinet front. The open eye is the new grip: we drilled big holes in the fronts of both the lower cabinets and drawers. So simple -i like the new look a lot. Especially since we have moved the dinner table to the kitchen and the room needed a cleaner look to feel less crowded.

A few DIY home improvement notes though: It was easy enough to remove the self-adhesive folio from the fronts -Except for the orange folio! for some reason the orange folio would not be removed without ruining the paint! so we had to buy one new front for a cabinet (ikea luckily) :( Also you need to use a really good drill for those grip holes - i think ours was a little too used and a little crooked :) Well well, its all a part of being a hopeless DIY-home-improver!

▶ Everyone: Moomin pants and coffee breaks for everyone! And a few more notes on baking: You can't really taste the apples, it just makes the bread more moist and the glass of water in the hot oven makes the crust crispy! The hate think is mostly about hating to clean up afterwards and hating when you realize you have run out of bread ;)


coffee break

more coffee breaks please!

I have added a recipe for the bread in the post below



I have a love/hate relationship with baking. and cooking. But its a clear upside when you can make really good looking bread! looks matters -even in bread.

I will try to give you my recipe for bread, though it changes from time to time:
▶ mix 5dl water with like 10g yeast and 4-6dl flour (choose what mix ever you like - whole wheat, rye, spelt, wheat, whole grains as you please) ▶ leave the mix till the next day ▶ add 5dl water + some yeast + some salt + 1-2 graded apples + enough flour till the dough is not totally without shape, but still wet-ish ▶ leave for a couple of hours ▶ part the dough to the size you want ▶ leave on a baking sheet on a baking tray for an hour or so drizzled with flour (i often use durum for this) ▶ fold the dough once or twice and quickly slip in an oven preheated to 275-300 degrees celsius ▶ before you close the oven, toss a glass of water into the oven (or into a preheated baking tray) ▶ bake until it looks good (and a little longer than you think)

▶ Máni: i love that image! thinking of myself as a cupcake when i put on the hat :)
Lisen: I didn't think the hat was the right color for me, but i love it now
▶ we're the only..: :)
Hanna: im a pretty straight forward 38 and they fit me really well. So i think the sized are pretty normal
▶ Gracia: I sometimes bring shoes for changing if it should start raining!
millo: me too
▶ Victoria: yeah i love it!
Kempt: ;) thanks!
▶ Trine: sugar sugar


hey good lookin' whaat you got cookin'

these two beauties make me happy every time i wear them: My early Christmas present from D (and myself): Henrik Vibskovs stunning wool hat (-"it would be stupid to wait until Christmas to wear the hat" -you know that kind of logic?) + my birthday present from D which have me checking the weather report all the time: no rain = my blue suede mini marked zipper-super flats!


capturing one

Here are some cut outs from Elinors mini one-year-old photo session last week -its hard to capture a crawling red panda. luckily i like these cut outs even more than the sweet portrait i did managed to get.

anonym: Den er lavet af Stine Trankjær og man kan vist få den hos artrebels eller this issue
Everyone: Thank you for all your sweet comments about the beetle! Elinor seems a little scared of it still :)



Elinor got an "air element" from ikea for her birthday and i made a beetle-cover just for her. I actually really like the spider cover you can get at ikea but this was still a little more fun. Hope you are having a good week!


family photos

We took some family photos at the Love exhibition. I can't believe the weekend is over all ready. The difference between week and weekend has come abruptly back into my life after over a year of days melting together. sigh.



im gonna do it again: write about an exhibition right before it closes! Should have done this weeks ago! Its called Love (at Nikolaj in copenhagen) -and plays both on the english word and the danish which means laws. The exhibition was made by the danish poet and author Morten Søndergaard and is a play on and with words. Very inspirational and actually also quite educational, the exhibition is sorted by word classes and you can even buy the word classes as if they were little boxes of medicine with descriptions and proper use inside (-i got three word classes for my birthday -and Morten Søndergaards latest book) And, well, the exhibition ends this sunday.. so hurry up if you are in the area!

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the sweet comments! -the plates are by Jeremyville (og Louise, ja, de er i porcelæn og jeg ved at man kan få dem i Area på Store Kongensgade (