I have a love/hate relationship with baking. and cooking. But its a clear upside when you can make really good looking bread! looks matters -even in bread.

I will try to give you my recipe for bread, though it changes from time to time:
▶ mix 5dl water with like 10g yeast and 4-6dl flour (choose what mix ever you like - whole wheat, rye, spelt, wheat, whole grains as you please) ▶ leave the mix till the next day ▶ add 5dl water + some yeast + some salt + 1-2 graded apples + enough flour till the dough is not totally without shape, but still wet-ish ▶ leave for a couple of hours ▶ part the dough to the size you want ▶ leave on a baking sheet on a baking tray for an hour or so drizzled with flour (i often use durum for this) ▶ fold the dough once or twice and quickly slip in an oven preheated to 275-300 degrees celsius ▶ before you close the oven, toss a glass of water into the oven (or into a preheated baking tray) ▶ bake until it looks good (and a little longer than you think)

▶ Máni: i love that image! thinking of myself as a cupcake when i put on the hat :)
Lisen: I didn't think the hat was the right color for me, but i love it now
▶ we're the only..: :)
Hanna: im a pretty straight forward 38 and they fit me really well. So i think the sized are pretty normal
▶ Gracia: I sometimes bring shoes for changing if it should start raining!
millo: me too
▶ Victoria: yeah i love it!
Kempt: ;) thanks!
▶ Trine: sugar sugar


a. said...

that looks good. what kind of bread is that and do you have a link for a recipe?

Luise said...

♥ they look perfect ♥

Tiffany said...

You can even make bread look cute!

Finn said...

Delicious. I need to make homemade bread. It's the best.

annamaria said...

You are so right- looks do matter- the bread looks great- yum for the photo-

Em said...

Mmmmm - yummo! That looks so tasty. Now I must go and fix some lunch... Do you have a recipe??

Ella said...

What is the hate?

PROVINS said...

Åh jeg vil ha en ovn!!! FUCK studie lejligheder :-)

Og det ser forresten ud som det der bageri er ret meget dig alligevel!!!

wide-eyed said...

I think that all the food you make and show here always look sooo delicious!

steph. said...

apples?! so is it a sweet bread then? or does the yeast eat up al the sweetness?