a lovely grey walk - i like them. Turned out to be the last fall walk before winter set in. I love how you can see winter spread around blog land! this morning the ground was white all over. The fish are from one of my favorite walls in my neighbourhood.

▶ Everyone: thanks for the sweet comments and thanks again for the cool gifts you two!


milk tooth's rain said...

was a snowy day in berlin...the winter has come at last.
not my perfect day since I am looking for a new job and it is not easy, but tomorrow...we'll see!

Bantik said...

How cool is that!
Happy you liked it:>>
Wheb I feel that winter is comming I start reading Moomin books:) calms me down.

lotte said...

ooooooh i like your 2nd photo very, very much. it perfectly discribe the feeling of a grey and silent walk in autumn.
i really, really love walks, too. you better can feel the seasons. especially, when you are living in a big town.
i wish you beautiful walks in winter, too.
p.s.: have triangles at my blog, too. love them.;)

allesistgut said...

Funny fishes and good documentation about how November can be. :)
Have a nice day! allesistgut

emma said...

oh yes, now we have to go for white walks... i like grey ones better though. or yellow. ;)

Elitsa said...

No winter in Sofia yet. Please don't get depressed with winter. Think of all the warm cudling you'll have with Rufus and E, all the warm cappuccinos, and the wonderful books you'll have time to read, when it's too cold to go outside :)