happy new year!

Happy New Years, kids!


new faces

Here are a couple of new faces that moved in with us this year -one of Pepe's friends and a lego-fella


berlin, berlin VIII

night time, day time, fist bumps, silly faces


berlin, berlin VII

burgers, friends, trees, snowflakes


berlin, berlin VI

light, ice, sushi (hooray for crispy rolls), snow fights


berlin, berlin V

boats, bridges, murals, padlocks


berlin, berlin IV

cold tracks, warm light, extremely delicious brunch, -and beer


merry christmas

Today we celebrate christmas here in Denmark and I want to wish all of you a very merry christmas and happy holidays! Thank you for being the best blog readers and for reading along every day!


berlin, berlin III

glitter in the snow, glühwein, sunshine, spicy food


berlin, berlin II

christmas market, breakfast table, cake heaven, mysterious russian couple


Hello gift wrapping

pssst: I just wanted to give you a little tip if you are preparing for christmas like I am: The always creative Ebony of Hello Sandwich has produced an inspiring gift wrapping zine just in time for the holidays! And i'm in it! You can get your own PDF-copy right now by ordering the printed version right here
Thank you for including me, Ebony!

berlin, berlin

Got home from Berlin yesterday - it was the perfect winter vacation! Just what i needed: Hanging out with good friends, eating delicious food and warming up on coffee and beer :) Elinor stayed home with some of our friends and it was so nice to miss her. it seems as if she has had a really good time as well! im gonna show you pictures from berlin over the next few days while i get busy with christmas.

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the comments while i was away! glad you like all our new art! -and yeah, i think that doom-poster will have to be un-framed since it has such a strange format :)



more art for our walls! they are totally filled up as it is, but i was so happy when D found this MF Doom poster at Stones Throw Records made by Jason Jägel -i really love the artwork he has done for MF Doom


Sammy and Freddy

Another amazing poster i recently got is this Freddy Mecury version of Sammy Rose's Carl! I Love Queen -perfect for cleaning don't you think?- and im so happy to have my own Carl (and of course i love tv -perfect Jenny!)


My friend Rasmus

I won a give away! Over at My friend Rasmus! and yesterday this amazing poster arrived! I had such a hard time deciding which of the three prints i like the best -actually i still don't know, but i really really love this one! If you hurry over there, they have free shipping in all of December! (Tak Trine! og så hyggeligt at møde dig den anden dag!)



I love this little corner of our home! for working, eating, talking, hanging out, drinking coffee and reading blogs.

▶ everyone: Thank you for all the sweet comments! Not only do i have vacation now, im going to berlin, christmas is coming and we just notice that Elinor can finally start in daycare in january!