this is what the world looks like when you reach that light at the end of the tunnel and turn in your exam project! (bright, icy and a bit messy) 36pp paper + website prototype! Oh what a good feeling! For the first time in years i sat up nights working to finish this project! Super hard but also sort of nice to get so immersed in a project. now: vacation!

▶ Natascha: Ja, det er fantastisk at få et lille glimt af deres ungdomsliv for så længe siden!
PernilleE: Det var så lidt :) Og ja, det er virkelig utroligt! bliver også helt forvirret nogle gange
▶ Sofie: Its one of the strongest resemblances between grandfather and grandson i have ever seen!
Wide eye: yes it so fantastic that you can have these fantastic photos on your wall and its actually your family!
▶ Anja: She does! so beautiful! we have a photo of her where she is even younger and i have always thought she looked like a young daisy duck :)
Siri: We have made a little family photo book for Elinor so that she can get to know her whole family even if some of them live far away
▶ Camilla: Nej, hvor spændende! mysterier og long lost bror!
B: vi savner den lille hund! håber i hygger jer! nu er det snart jul!
▶ Style-for-style: stay gold ponyboy


Same Length Pinkies said...

i love chaotic desks.

máni said...

congratulations for finishing your project! enjoy the vacation! :)

Bantik said...

Lucky you!:>
Enjoy your holidays!!!

steph. said...

my goodness, i know that feeling! hope you get suitably rewarded for it with great grades! congratulations. enjoy the holidays, dear.

Ella said...

Congratulations to success! The middle pic almost looks google earth:y.

Elitsa said...

Congratulations!!! It's a great feeling, I know. As if someone has removed a sharp sword from above your neck :)
Enjoy your vacation and the holidays.

Saga said...

Grattis! Det är en av de bästa känslorna någonsin. Och hoppas du får en fantastisk julledighet!