oh rufus

Something is missing in our little home. The sweetest dog of all have gone on vacation and we won't see him for two weeks! He is staying with D's sister until we go home for christmas and I think they are both enjoying it a lot, but we are missing him A LOT (maybe the two others in this home even more than me). So i went a little crazy in the Rufus archives - and now i won't be able to look at my blog without chocking up.

Hearblack: Some of the snow has melted now and as soon as its gone I want it back.
▶ Sistersandsparrows: It helps to know that other people are at their desks trying to focus
Lisen: Lisens comments are like this <--------------------------------------------> cute
▶ Linda: Tak! Der er ikke så meget en opskrift som ren improvision med surdej og rugmel -det gør dejen lidt svær at håndtere, men det smager virkelig godt
Louise: det er fordi det er den nyeste nye smag. very cute but not very tasty
▶ Ida Rud: Er glad for ikke at blive totalt udstødt for at lave pizza hver uge. Nu hvor der kommer rugmel i dejen er det jo næsten også sundt
▶ Steph: ha ha -yeah i know! hope you are too! missing snow and december-copenhagen?
Lundt: we can get them right around the corner now and we really have to stop buying them, cus nobody likes them!
▶ Eva: I know, i spend alot of time in our new asian supermarket and came home with alot of strange things that i now have to find a way to cook :)
Dessa: Oh i will try to!! im just toooo busy! maybe i should just find a sponsor and become a full time blogger!
▶ B: Jeg er så glad for hvis de kunne lide pizzaen! -håber i hygger jer dig og R
Elitsa: not depressed, just a teeny bit stressed :) eating alot of chocolate and looking forward to the holiday!
▶ Emilie: Tak!
▶ Puer Kim: funny,  I have actually always imagined Boston would be sort of copenhagen-ish :)
Nora: If you look under How To in the categories you will find my pizza tips and tricks. This variation i used rye and sour dough in the pizza dough and arugula and pesto (with basil and walnuts) for the topping.
▶ Jokemijn: :) Actually the assignment im working on now is really interesting. ...but i still need more hours in the day


Francivusk said...

awww, your dog is so sweet!
xxx Francesca

milk tooth's rain said...

I know what you mean: my dog Ernesto is in Italy with my parents and I see him every two months...I miss him a lot, but I know that he has a better life with my parents, a garden and people that can stay with hime the whole day.

la_sale_bete said...

My house feels so empty when my dog is not there! I always look for her reactions and then remember she is at the dogsitter's or wherever. Such a strange, lonesome feeling. Hope Rufus is having a good vacation!

siri said...

Poor you! I love the shot of him hopping off the bed. He didn't bang into the radiator with his little dog body, did he?

Ida Rud said...

Det er synd for jer, men hvor er Rufus en heldig hund at være SÅ savnet.

- Ida

chrrristine said...

oh thank you Mette, exactly what I needed to cheer me up on this dark and grey winter afternoon!

Emily Salomon said...

Ih, blev helt bange for at der var sket ham noget, da jeg lige så det øverste af feed'et på bloglovin'. Men lækkert for ham med ferie ;) Kan dog godt forstå at det må være hårdt og underligt for jer. Der bliver så stille, når der ikke er nogen hund...

Og undskyld i øvrigt at jeg er en snøbel, der ikke har svaret på Amager Am See mails :( Har bare haft så travlt med min egen blog, men I har været i mine tanker hvis det er nogen som helst undskyldning. Håber på at vende stærkt tilbage efter jul!
Mange klem og med ønsket om en glædelig jul

whitney said...

rufus! you are so photogenic.
missing your pet is the worst - i was away from my cat for the past four days! but it is definitely worth it when you are reunited.

Ania said...

Hi:)I'm reading your blog from Poland, I don't remember now how I came here:)but I really enjoy..I have two little dogs so I really understand you:)And my daughter Jagoda(Blueberry)- 4months old is sleeping in the next room, kisses from Poland:)Ania

Vanessa said...

It's funny how animals can take up such a big part of our hearts. Is Rufus a greyhound?

B said...

Han savner også jer...det tror jeg han ville sige hvis jeg kunne:) Men jeg nyder rigtig meget at låne ham og vi hygger rigtig meget, det er fantastisk at have en der er vildt glad for man kommer hjem:) Mange tusinde knus fra Rufus og Faster B

Lisen said...

Oh, I've only been without S for some days, never 2 weeks...! Problems is coming up then, like "WHO is going to eat the last part of my sandwich now?? And its way too less doghairs at my cardigan!" etc. But I guess it COULD be a bit nice too, some times, to have dogvacation for both dog and you. Its important to remember how it is to miss eachother too, longing for eachother...its a nice sign of love. Rufus, you're so beautiful and got so much personality! Love the jumping-out-of-bed-photo!!!

Maria said...

Å hej rufus! always so nice to see some pictures of him;)