sailor surprise

Today we had the best December 1st surprise ever!! A sailor mysteriously appeared on our door step asking if he could crash at our place. He is more than welcome -i had already put Johan's concrete sailor on my wish list, but i don't know how he could have known :) Making this surprise even better is the coincident that this little sailor arrived on the same day as another sailor friend of ours returned after months on the sea (Velkommen hjem Kenneth!) TAK TAK TAK Sandra og Johan! -fra os alle fire!


Linda said...

Ohøj - og hils! Hvor længe bliver han mon? Det er også koldt derude på havet med vind i håret og frost i skægget.

sandra said...

oooo i'm so glad he has arrived, and in one piece! what a shame we're not in berlin at the same time, but next time you are there we'll be living there and we can all get drunk on coffee or beer or whatever we feel like (say that to dennis ;)). trevlig helg!!