what im working on

i don't have any time for taking pictures these days + the day light disappears so quickly. So instead i'll show you these blurry images of what im working on for one of my exams.

Francivusk: i know, i almost aw'ed myself out going through all the photos of him
▶ milk tooth's rain: that must be so hard! but nice that you know he is a good place
la_sale_bete: exactly -he is such a part of our daily routine! -for example, nobody eats the left overs that elinor drops on the floor :)
▶ Siri: no he actually didn't -though he has misjudged some jumps in his time, he is usually very lucky. The funniest thing is when he falls of the bed or sofa in his sleep
Ida Rud: Det er også virkelig rart at savne ham. Det glemmer man jo når han er der
▶ Chrristine: just do a google picture search on dogs or puppies when ever you need a pick-me-up
▶ Emily: Jeg tænkte godt over at det næsten virkede som et sørge-indlæg da jeg skrev det, men heldigvis er han bare i århus! Og det er fint med amager am see! bare lav et indlæg så snart du får lyst
Whitney: Yeah, and its really nice to miss him too. you can feel how much he means to you
▶ Ania: Thank you so much for visiting -i hope you come back
Vanessa: He is a whippet, so very much like a greyhound only smaller
▶ B: det er godt at vide at han er hos dig.


Bantik said...

It's a busy time of the year:))

alice said...

I hope that your exams go well :)