Sweet people

The other day i got the nicest surprise! The postman brought a package from Italy, from the sweeeeet sweet Dessa of 1911 and The Good Machinery! Out of the blue she sent me two of her fantastic colourful animals, delicious chocolate and a very special coffee AND almost the best; a sweet sweet letter. It was one of those heart warming moments where an -almost- total stranger does something nice, just like that! So thank you again, Dessa! it made my weekend!

▶ Everyone: Still so so tired -and a little sick too, so i will just say: Thank you so much for the sweet comments! Yes, the birdfeeder is a suctioncup with a plastic ball where the food go, D got if for christmas from his grandmother and im not sure where it is from -some swedish company i think!



Happy weekend everyone. Im so so tired and have so many things i SHOULD be doing.. instead i just want to drink coffee and wait for the birds to find the food we have put out for them...



I knitted a scarf -first one in a long time. Knitting is such a good way to relax but it hurt my hands if i do it too much

▶ EVERYONE: big <3


best friends

Best of friends! How lucky can you be that you have the best damn dog in the whole world who will let this little red haired panda into our lives no problemo?? He lets her poke him and stroke him a bit too hard and she sticks her open mouth in his face if she gets the chance, just hoping for a kiss and he never fails to cheer her up if she is sad. Sometimes its clear; Elinor loves Rufus just a bit more than Rufus loves Elinor. But his solution in those situations? He simply leaves the room. Such a good dog. My dog. (Sorry for the image overload -i could not limit myself. /  Thank you to D -the photographer behind these little moments of gold / Rufus and Elinor is watching Coming to America -best movie nostalgia!)

▶ Emily: I love whippet sleeping positions. They are masters of relaxing!
Elitsa: It is tricky -and sticky!
▶ Maria: She was so sleepy when the picture was taken! its so difficult to sleep other places than her own bed when there is good company around
Irene: Oh, thank you so much!!
▶ Jokemijn: We are gonna test a new one tomorrow - we found a video on youtube!
Young: Når vi har fundet den perfekte opskrift åbner vi en lille crispy roll shop!
▶ Maria Libert: Thank you -try it out!
Sofie: Så hyggeligt at få en kommentar fra dig!
▶ Irene: You should look around online for the lego head! maybe you can find it!
Lena: Thank you!


crispy rolls and pop tarts

This is Louise -and Elinor of course. Yesterday we went to Louises place (and Rasmus' -but he wasn't there) to experiment with the fabled crispy rolls! -deep fried maki rolls. And no, its not just maki with some sort of tempura veggies or shrimps -its the whooooole roll that is tempura'ed! They were goooood, but not perfect. We are going back wednesday to try another recipe! Crispy rolls will save the world. Louise has started a blog recently. I love it! More good people blogging!

▶ Den rådne radisse: Det er den talentfulde Stine Tranekjær! google hende! hun er go!
Linda: De overalls er SÅ crazy! acid wash + mc hammer-style + quiltet jean! c r a z y
▶ Flora: Can't wait till Elinor speaks my language too, but i hope she keeps some of the language she is speaking now :)
Malene: TAK for prisen! det er dejligt at få sådan en!
▶ Bantik: I played late too -i actually think many people do, but they keep it secret!
Thea: Tak for kommentaren! jeg er ret sikker på at man kan få Pepe & Friends hos Area i store kongensgade
▶ Anna Emilia: It always makes me want to crawl up in the sofa!
Sandra: They are so good at playing together! im gonna show some E + R interaction photos soon
▶ Elitsa: I love that about the photos too -that you can see them both! we also looked at IGs -i like that they are so small, but then we met Rufus who was so calm and shy (only as a puppy though) = <3
Kristina: It is a secondhand find. 
▶ Mary: Thats to cool thing about podcast -you can hear anything anywhere!
schorlemädchen: Its a great place to play -it also includes dog food you can try to eat, LPs you can pull out and lots and lots of shoes you can throw around ;)
▶ wide-eyed: :)
Snygg: I some times don't like the brio stuff in black, but i really like this one
▶ sara ananda: Thank you so much for the tips!! Its great!
anja: :)
▶ maria libert: You never know what comes next
Meghan: <3 NPR!



One of the best things i know is watching Elinor when she plays by herself. Right now she is going through a pretty clingy phase so those moments are rare, but its so magnificent hearing her "talking" to her things and play around with them in her own way which isn't formed by any "game" or order. Sweet.

▶ Ida: Jeg lover flere kaffe billeder i fremtiden også. Og der er endnu flere, hvis du følger mig på instagram eller twitter.
Alice: Thank you so much for reminding me of Radio lab and This American Life! they are so addictive! I love how you learn so many new things through storytelling! Will check that other one out!
▶ Emma: Yep and normal tape. Its def. not that good for the wall but im not too worried.
Trula: The Moth is so good -haven't heard any bbc ones yet, but i will!
▶ B: Du kan altid vinde lidt babysitning :)
PopTart: Det er en taske! eller tote -med alfabetet på! som jeg er ved at brodere. Tak, fordi du spurgte
▶ Lene: Uhh jeg kender hende. Ønsker mig en hat eller en trøje engang!
Lily: Tak for den søde kommentar. Jeg har lidt forskellige eksterne harddiske. Har to fra Western digital (Mybook hedder den ene vist) og en fra samsung (G2 tror jeg den hedder). En er lille og mobil og de to andre har masser af plads og ikke alt for grimme. Jeg elsker at backe up! Er glad for alle tre!
▶ A Merry Mishap: Sorry :)
CopenhagenMuffin: Har heller ikke mødt så meget forståelse for min besættelse, men jeg føler at folk begynder at forstå!
▶ Meyer-Lavigne: Oh it sounds perfect! need a practical/creative job! Actually i like listening when i make a website.
Famapa: Takk!
▶ Linda: Har haft den liggende længe med henblik på at dele den her. Det er virkelig stemningsmættet musik
Tiffany: Love crushes on radio personalities! i like the older npr-types!
▶ Mélisande: Thank you for commenting! I think i was watching "Boardwalk Empire" in that picture!



okay.. so this is so embarasing that i almost didn't want to mention it, but there is a new song in the 'I like' section (and yes, I still like hats and staying in...) The song is by danish band Chimes & Bells. The song is called Stand Still.

listen listen

Quite unrelated to the photos i want to talk about podcasts. Its fitting, because the good thing about podcasts is actually that it doesn't have any pictures and you can look at and do a lot of other things while letting stories and information and knowledge flow into your mind. I hate it when i have to do work that is not suited for podcast listening -like reading and writing :) My future dream job is inspiring, flexible AND podcast-friendly! So here are some of the podcasts I listen to: and The Moth for great stories (for danes add Third Ear and P1's Feature), TedTalks for education, 5by5 for nerdy web stuff and Slate and NPR for news, politics, information etc (For danes: All P1 classics such as Stedsans, Orientering, Kulturkontoret, Harddisken osv.) Do you know any good podcasts?
EDIT: So Alice reminded me that i forgot This American Life! how could i?? its a Favorite!! i even have the app :) And Radiolab too! So much good stuff out there! Podcasts are the new tv

▶ Sabine: Tak!
Dessa: You are too sweet, Dessa!
▶ copenhagenMuffin: Jeg elsker når der er 'rigtige' ord i word verification
Emma: YAY! glad for at du kan lide den -håber jeg ser dig på gaden med den en dag :)
▶ Jokemijn: Oh good to know!!
Emily: ...mailer dig lige om en mulig hundesitning!!
▶ vidademonstruo: Gracias
Nurks: Thank you!!
▶ Maria: Yeah, im gonna make a tote with it for myself aswell!
Gracia: Hip Hip Hoooray!
▶ Bernard: Cool site! thanks for the tip


and the winner is....

Its time to announce the winner of the big birthday give away! And the gift too!! how cool is it to do a give away and not tell people what they can win?? very cool I think. For all you know, you could have signed up for a week of babysitting Elinor!

But in fact I have made a present for a lucky blog reader! A tote! An original Ungt Blod dark-grey-and-totem-tote-bag!

.....and the winner of this lovely tote bag luck random pick.......

E M M A      M A R G A R E T A

Congratulations to Emma and thank you thank you thank you ALL of you for the SWEET SWEET comments! Love it so much!

(sorry for the weird pictures! no light + not much time :))



As my mother rightly pointed out in the comments, i was a bit preoccupied when i made last post and forgot to tell you that the cups were a christmas present from my parents! And these are two gifts i got from D's family: An Alessi soy bird and Bonnie and Clyde oil/vinegar set from Pepe and Friends! our home is one big kids room

▶ Stefanie: it really does -like having your own cafe
▶ Lotte: Im gonna go make a cup right now!
▶ Ida: Jeg elsker også kaffe billeder. Og jeg kan ikke se Frasier uden at få lyst til kaffe
▶ CopenhagenMuffin: Amager rules!
▶ Mutti: Sorry!
▶ Anja: Thought i would be sick of snow now, but im really not
▶ Anonymous: intet bedre end at nyde sneen indefra med en god kop kaffe


another reason

I have come one step closer to never leaving my apartment: real cappuccino cups bought at the best coffee place in town, The Coffee Collective -when they pick something out - you know its the best you can come by.

▶ Everyone -and i mean e v e r y o n e: thank you for being the best people in the world.


1, 2, 3

So! Today this blog turns 3 years old!!

A lot has happened in those three years (marriage, elinor and what not) -what i find the most remarkable is that I have gone from taking almost no photos at all with a very crummy camera three years ago to having high resolution documentation of every moment of my life! what a gift! I now have over 23.000 photos saved on flickr!

And you guys! over 400.000 visits from 133 countries this year alone! Don't even know how many comments! Its fantastic!

So thank you! For being such an inspiring community! And if you leave a comment here before next monday (the 17th of january in the evening) you might just be the winner of a little thank-you-gift :)




Today i finished my last exam for this semester! Wow thats a good feeling! i haven't been to an oral exam in years so i was sort of a nervous wreck :) Pretty random photos to celebrate my new found freedom -gotta take my camera out for a spin tomorrow. (The plate was a christmas gift for Elinor from her grandmother -and the last picture is there to remind everyone that im still taking suggestions on what to make of the lovely totem flannel fabric!)

▶ everyone: thanks for the great suggestions -hoped someone would have said "a pretty dress for your self" or something :) a teepee is a great idea but we have zero room for it -so matching pajamas are still leading -and maybe a blanket even though we have like a thousand!