back to christmas

And christmas at my parents place! they will move out of my childhood home in a year and a half and im gonna miss it so much i all ready hurts. Love that place! We couldn't carry all the gifts to Copenhagen so they are getting a lift this weekend. Its gonna be christmas all over again!

▶ Flora: Happy new year!
Maddie: Great! then i guess it was pierogi after all!
▶ Linda + Anne Kristine: Ja, små stømpebukseben!
Jana: That sounds like our last new years - pizza and a movie - and shaking your fist at firework:) Thank you - i thinks she is pretty damn cute too!
▶ Lisen: He moved back and forth between a sunny spot in the sofa to a hot spot in front of the fire all week. We should get a fireplace just because of him!
Maria: Its so hard looking at these photos and just having to study and work!
▶ Griffen: There were some amazing views and the fog coming in from the water was my favorite; you could see it creeping over the hills!
Irene: they are so much better than shoveling snow here in the city!


alice said...

These landscape photos you are showing are incredible! It looks like you had a good time.

Celine said...

I love the candles on your parents Christmas tree!

Ida Rud said...

Når jeg ser på dine julefotos, kommer jeg til at tænke på dem fra din sidste jul, hvor du viste os D klædt ud. Var han også det i år?
Og så kan jeg i øvrigt slet ikke forstå, at det virkelig er et år siden. Men det må det i sagens natur jo være.


KERRY said...

I'm really enjoying all of these Chrsimasy collections. Your family home looks cosy...and perfect for Christmas. I completely understand why you would miss the place so. Happy New Year too Mette.

Bantik said...

Are those real candles on the tree??:>

emma said...

awh gaaawd, i SO feel for you. parents that are moving out from HOME. like that. i so do understand you're gonna miss it. i would have too. one gets used to it - the old home. their house. THE house. hurtful! but well...probably the best, if they decided. wise parents after all - i assume. :) great pics!