Sweet people

The other day i got the nicest surprise! The postman brought a package from Italy, from the sweeeeet sweet Dessa of 1911 and The Good Machinery! Out of the blue she sent me two of her fantastic colourful animals, delicious chocolate and a very special coffee AND almost the best; a sweet sweet letter. It was one of those heart warming moments where an -almost- total stranger does something nice, just like that! So thank you again, Dessa! it made my weekend!

▶ Everyone: Still so so tired -and a little sick too, so i will just say: Thank you so much for the sweet comments! Yes, the birdfeeder is a suctioncup with a plastic ball where the food go, D got if for christmas from his grandmother and im not sure where it is from -some swedish company i think!


CopenhagenMuffin said...

Orh hvor sødt!!!

Bonjour Juliette said...

Ooooh how sweet! Funny how we feel connected to some "almost strangers", thanks to the interweb... This makes me smile*

LM photografic said...

i'm from italy too :)
nice animals and nice captures of the presents!!


dessa said...

that coffee packaging is so ugly it's me that is embarrassed haha :).they keep on changing it every five months, but alas, no luck..
i assure though, it's one great coffee.i'm super happy that i did what i did <3.and i'm so happy you like it.

ina said...

your blog makes me smile.

I find that if you haven't posted anything in a while, i start wondering how Elinor is doing.

you can get the birdfeeder at DesignTorget, by the way. I gave one to my niece for Christmas.

máni said...

wow, that's absolutely fantastic! i love getting letters and packages in the mail. it's so exciting. and even more when there are such nice things in it!

linda; said...

lovely x 100!