This is the cup from which i drink my tea. These are some flowers left standing around for too long. Thank you all for playing along and saying appelsin and ost at your computers all over the world :)


s(t)ay orange

When you get your picture taken in denmark the photographer will ask you to say orange to make you smile -it won't work in english, but try saying "appelsin"! -And the reverse is true as well: If you say cheese in danish you won't smile at all; try saying "ost" and smile at same time!
happy weekend everyone! The sunlight is coming through the windows and showing all the dirt and the mess. I think i need to clean up and out!

▶ Coki: Uuhh how fun! We are staying three days in Bergamo and thought we would swing by Milano one day! How great to get inside advice!
Pop tart: Spise pizza og drikke kaffe i Bergamo
▶ Ana: How cool! thank you for that link!
Anne Kristine: Sejt, tak for linket!
▶ Synnøvemo/news: Spændende! tak for tippet!
B: Tror også hun glæder sig til du kommer!
▶ fiori.viola: Im not there right now and will only have a very short time in italy -too short for visits i think :)
Wide-eyed: he is :)



Im in school. Learning something complicated. But i have a question for you: What should I do with one day in Milan? I will finally visit Italy for a short weekend trip and have ONE day in Milano -and im hoping you have some good tips for me! -in fact, please include any tips for Bergamo as well! Thanx!



Recently i won a give away over on Veja Cecilia and received markers and these beautiful drawings + a cool hat for E from the talented Cecilia.
Recently i also received Hello Sandwich's cool Gift wrapping zine, which i participated in back in december and where you can see how to make a fantastic confetti bow!

Sarah: faktisk ikke sådan rigtigt... føler mig ikke så meget hjemme "hjemad" længere... Jeg kommer til at savne mine forældres hus helt for færdeligt når de flytter, men til mig selv kunne jeg godt nøjes med 4m2 have om et par år.
▶ Katrine: Ja, babytiden er ikke lang
At swim-two-birds: im in love with her too
▶ Lisen, Malene, Maikki, Irene, Epe, Sammy Rose, Saga, Iris: Thank you!
Jokemijn: yeah thats really how you should spend your weekend
▶ Jette: JETTE! du har kommenteret på min blog!! hurra!! glæder mig til i er hjemme igen!!
Maria: Yes, it is -its the view of my whole childhood and it means so much to me
▶ Lea: Yeah, thats my nephew Ivan - and Yeah! Elinor looks ALOT like dennis
Máni: Thank you -the back of the dress is even better + its from HM
▶ Dessa: Soon she will be a teenager!



We spend the weekend at my parents place in freezing sun and snow celebrating my mothers birthday. We haven't done the family photo thing since me and my sister were teenager, so it was definitely time for an update. My sister and her husband cooked a three course fish-meal which included a porbeagle (sildehaj -not photographed) named Anders - The fishermen rarely catch porbeagles, so when they do, they name them.

▶Emma: If i am representative of all danes, then your picture of us is true :) (I just love the way danes and swedes generalize about each other)
Magdaloony: i need to have you comment lying around so i can read it when i feel guilty and unproductive!
▶ Provins: Tak for props! dem får og gir jeg for lidt af!
Wide-eye: one is never far away
▶ Louise: oh, Omar the car - how sweet!
Signe Gustafsson: What great comments! i love it when people notice these little things - good taste in music too!
▶ Maria: Tak! det var en fantastisk god weekend
Bantik: I love that you can always blame the moon. The baby isn't sleeping well? blame the moon! you are grumpy all the time? Blame the moon!
▶ Fanny: Wow how funny! it was just a matter of time..
Elitsa: Look down in the sidebar for the How To category
▶ Pop Tart: Men jeg bør lave mere produktive ting end at læse avis. Blogs skal være = lektier hvis regnestykket skal gå op
Matilde Mo: Tak for den søde kommentar! Sandras er også sådan en god blog! Plastikkassen med bøgerne i er et scoop fra et gammelt bibliotek! men alene ud fra mine læsere ville en hver der satte den i produktion blive rig!


. - .

Im so glad you like the bag, that made me really happy! -to answer a few comments: Yes i did stich the alaphabet myself, the padding is pladevat (wonder what that is called in english...) and the handles are indeed from the asos bag -i didn't use the long strap so i cut it off right away :) On the down side, posting the photos made me realize how unproductive i am being this week. time slipping through my fingers (maybe spend eating breakfast and reading blogs....)



I made this bag recently. A padded tote-bag with a hand-stitched alphabet on it. I used a strap from an old bag, cut it in two and made handles from it. It could have used a zipper or something, but i don't work well with zippers.

▶ Bea -and others who asked about the scarf: I have neglected a couple of questions about the scarf i made. Mostly because i don't really know what im doing when i knit. But i used a black/grey/white multicoloured wool mixed with black yarn half of the way and light yellow yarn the other half. My knitting needles are size 5 but thats only because i had those lying around. Im knitting a version that is half black / half light pink -instead of yellow.
▶ Lisen: Oh how i wish i knew an all-you-can-wear sweater shop! inspired by you, im gonna make a post about all of D's knitted sweaters
▶ Lise: Dette var Oyisi på Holmbladsgade, men der er masser af running sushi steder i københavn i hvert fald.
▶ Thea: Det er virkelig utroligt som øen er ved at blive sushificieret! Det her var på Holmbladsgade og var faktisk udemærket - har også prøvet den der hedder King-Ya på amagerbrogade og den var helt fin uden at imponere.
▶ Adeline: Oh year i remember! i love the thought of rufus as a love dog!
▶ Emma: He doesn't mind as long as he gets the attention
▶ Linda: Det er sandt nok Peter Jensen, som også er ansvarlig for rævetrøjen. <3 tøj med dyr! ▶ Siri: Good question! Elinor stayed home with her grandmother who was visiting! i think they both enjoyed that! ▶ Lotte: Berlin is a good place to fill up on sushi! and you can get CRISPY ROLLS! i love thoese! i want thoses! now!



PS. It was really nice to be out for valentines-running-sushi (all you can eat sushi is a great concept!)

▶ everyone: Thank you for all the birthday wishes for rufus! can you believe that he is the oldest one in our house now?? he is 5 years = 35 dog-years!


birthday and valentines

Today is a special day because it is both valentines day and Rufus birthday! Actually it might not be such a special day after all since we usually don't really celebrate either of them -but today im gonna give rufus an extra treat and take D out for valentines-sushi.
(i have to get my camera out soon, im running out of pictures to blog)


part II

phew. have to stop with the archives. Its impossible to just pick a few photos from such a long period of blogging. But its also very fun revisiting all the old memories and put them together in new ways!

▶ Everyone: Im gonna answer a few of the questions from the last post here: Yes, the first picture is from Iceland! we lived there for a little while around 2004-2005 and i haven't been back since :( big mistake. The "this-is-for-sale"-carpet is my own creation -but do to bad tools i had to use thin carpet and it got worn out too quickly. Actually miss it - maybe is should try one again. The black/white tights are from Henrik Vibskov. And yes, the sewing project turned into my wedding dress :)