Im in school. Learning something complicated. But i have a question for you: What should I do with one day in Milan? I will finally visit Italy for a short weekend trip and have ONE day in Milano -and im hoping you have some good tips for me! -in fact, please include any tips for Bergamo as well! Thanx!


milk tooth's rain said...

Bergamo is my home town while Milan is my "second" hometown (even if now I live in Berlin)! So funny!
I send you an email during the weekend with some tips and places you can't miss in both the cities ;)


POP TART said...

hvad skal du de øvrige dage? det lyder spændende! Har desværre ikke været i milano. Venedig?

ana said...

here's what I did, three times in Milano

Definately have a bite at Princi, there's Laduree shop a few hundred meters from Princi. Via Montenapoleone and get lost in the near by streets and 10 Corso Como.
If you are going during fashion week, I would do a pass by of one of the shows

Anne Kristine said...

Hej Mette.
Jeg faldt lige over denne artikel på
God tur :)

synnøvemo/news said...

Må oppleves!

B said...

Milano skulle bare være fantastisk at shoppe i og have de hyggeligste caféer:)glæder mig til at skulle passe den lille panda og lille Rufus:) Rigtig god weekend fra faster B

fiori.viola said...

Hi! Are you in Milan? WoW! I live here! Let's meet!!! Let me know! When are you giìoing back? antonella

Helena said...

nice you're coming to Milan! How come? If I got it right you are Danish, right? In that case maybe my blog could be helpful;, if you understand Swedish at all.

However it hasn't been up and running for that long so I didn't have time to post my favourite places yet. If you haven't been to the city before a look at the Duomo is the must, but I doubt you'll miss it, since it's huge and very central.

From piazza Duomo it's not very far to my favourite pasticceria: Marchesi in Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11, who makes the best coffee in town and sell the cutest little sweet treats and chocolates over the counter.

I would also have at least one gelato (ice cream); at one of the Grom shops (check in Chocolat in Via Giovanni Boccaccio 9, another amazing place. From there it's very near to the Triennale Museum in Viale Alemagna 6, a huge design museum that has several exhibitions on show. Have a stroll in the Parco Sempione while you're there, and you won't miss the huge fort Castello Sforzesco.

Around the Duomo there's also two nice art museums, Palazzo Reale with some good shows right now and the brand new Museo del Novocento about 20th century art in a nice building. Hopefully you'll catch a sunny day and can enjoy the city at its best.

For a drink before dinner Rita's in Via Angelo Fumagalli 1 in the Navigli area is very nice and give you lots of free appetizers with your drink - the milanse aperetivo at it's best. Or try Cucchi in Corso Genova 1 for a more traditional but still fashionable experience.

Sorry about the long comment here, just send leave me a comment on the blog if you want to get to know some more!


Anonymous said...

Bergamo is a soo much prettier city than Milano, so if you have to choose - Bergamo for sure!

louise said...

Having never been to Milan I can't help, but I hope the complicated lesson went well and that you have a wonderful day trip.