Recently i won a give away over on Veja Cecilia and received markers and these beautiful drawings + a cool hat for E from the talented Cecilia.
Recently i also received Hello Sandwich's cool Gift wrapping zine, which i participated in back in december and where you can see how to make a fantastic confetti bow!

Sarah: faktisk ikke sådan rigtigt... føler mig ikke så meget hjemme "hjemad" længere... Jeg kommer til at savne mine forældres hus helt for færdeligt når de flytter, men til mig selv kunne jeg godt nøjes med 4m2 have om et par år.
▶ Katrine: Ja, babytiden er ikke lang
At swim-two-birds: im in love with her too
▶ Lisen, Malene, Maikki, Irene, Epe, Sammy Rose, Saga, Iris: Thank you!
Jokemijn: yeah thats really how you should spend your weekend
▶ Jette: JETTE! du har kommenteret på min blog!! hurra!! glæder mig til i er hjemme igen!!
Maria: Yes, it is -its the view of my whole childhood and it means so much to me
▶ Lea: Yeah, thats my nephew Ivan - and Yeah! Elinor looks ALOT like dennis
Máni: Thank you -the back of the dress is even better + its from HM
▶ Dessa: Soon she will be a teenager!


Bantik said...

Fantastic gifts:>

malin said...

Confetti bow! I want one!

Hello Sandwich said...

wa~!!! arigatou!!!
I've been talking about you so much lately! about the break you baked and the delicious looking coffee you have and the very western looking bread you had on your table! very lovely!
Thank you so much for this post! and for being in the Hello Sandwich zine!
Love Sandwich

LouLou said...

:: Rigtig fine tegninger :: Bogen er skrevet på ønskesedlen, både til mig selv og som perfekt gave ::

Veja cecilia said...

vad bra att paketet kom fram!

lina said...

oooo! i've had my eye on that gift wrapping zine as well...

Camila F. said...

That confetti bow is adorable!!!