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Thank you .so. .much. for all the sweet comments on the sweater post! Some of you said it made your day -well imagine how I feel! Internet Love!!!
(one of my favorite comments: "sweaters in pairs is where its at" (by Bianca) - the fox sweater is by Peter Jensen - and yes.. Elinor has got a couple too... maybe another series one of these days..)

Sometimes i get chills when i realize how inspiring the internet is. Like these four images. Internet Love!!!

So im thinking of doing a little blog redesigning! I have felt very attached to this design - somehow it has been almost too perfect a fit! But i realized that i could take my favorites from this design with me!
And since you guys are kind of a big part of this place i would like to hear any suggestions or comments before starting designing! What do you like and what do you miss? do you ever read the comment-replies?? or use the archive?


sweater people

A while ago favorit-Lisen commented that D seems to have a very impressive collection of knitted sweaters. This is indeed very true and I decided we should do a tribute to the knitted sweater! Most of these are D's but i realized that I too had a couple of gems lying around. Hope you enjoy!

▶ Pop Tart: Tak jeg gør mig også umage.
Valentina: OOps --im not sure we pronounced it any better :)
▶ Fenke: Oh im so glad to hear! i made pizza last night and used an italian kamut flour -i can really recommend that too!
Nome Alone: Thanks!
▶ Tschitschi: me too
 UpGemini: Thank you so much



Last four pictures from Bergamo! Promise! The cappuccinos in Italy were surprisingly milky (and i like mine surprisingly black) so every cafe we visited we tried to explain just how we like our coffee. Many places didn't get it. Good coffee! But too milky. Then we found THE place! a very small kiosk-like cafe with an old couple running the business: She took care of selling the gum and croissants and he made the coffee. "Due cappuccini con caffé doppio" we said and he made us the perfect cup with the perfect foam and the perfect amount of milk. bliss.

▶ Pernille/Novice: Skal helt sikkert tilbage -en sensommer med varm, lav sol
And So I Whisper: I wish we had more time to get to know it!
▶ Sarah Carlson: I take that as a Big compliment! wish i remember where they were from... must do some searching..
Shokoofeh: :)
▶ fiori.viola: I was in Milan almost two weeks ago :)
Anki: It was!
▶ Modekolibrien: Ja det var utroligt uimodsåeligt! -hvis ikke det var fordi vi kun kunne have håndbagage med hjem..
Gustav: Do it! It think that would be a brilliant idea! <3
▶ Emeraldson: Best pair ever. i could eat it forever!



I still have more pictures from our trip -and not much else to show you since im busy busy. We went to Milano for one day which was absolutely too little time. But we did get a few things in such as the mandatory visit to 10 Corso Como, where we saw a nice photo exhibition, drooled over their incredible selection and had coffee in their cafe, a visit to their outlet (where things were still too expensive even with 70& off :)) and a very delicious lunch a Obika -a restaurant specializing in fresh mozzarella from Campana.

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the comments -It was a foccacia muffin and the best wine we had on the trip.



More pictures of lovely Bergamo - we ate good food, drank good wine and enjoyed ourselves. We actually ate at the same restaurant every night! it was SO good -and i don't have a single photo from it! i must have been too absorbed by the pizza to take any photos! If you ever visit Bergamo, be sure to stop by this place.

▶ Jana: I know, i want to go back just for the food!
Linda: Sukkerkur lyder så hårdt og strengt. Men sikkert grundlæggende en god ide!
▶ amarOrama: det er forståeligt. Det gør jeg også
Svanna: Vi spiste faktisk næsten ikke nogen kager
▶ Gracia: Ther were soo many cakes around! i never knew italy was so sweet



We looked at sweets, cakes and beautiful old churches in the old city.

▶ Aimee + Louise: I don't remember what it is called, but its some sort of pasta with ham and a cheese sauce and fresh parmasan! Delicious!
Siri: ha ha you are right
▶ Vesle Serena: Oh that might be why! it was e v e r y w h e r e
Girlheartfood: good luck!
▶ milk tooth's rain: ha ha -well it was a little bit away from the cafe, just around the corner from the worlds best pizzaria and you had to go through gates to get in :) -it was called Alex and Angie i think!
Anki: :)
▶ Whitney: I know, my trinity