We looked at sweets, cakes and beautiful old churches in the old city.

▶ Aimee + Louise: I don't remember what it is called, but its some sort of pasta with ham and a cheese sauce and fresh parmasan! Delicious!
Siri: ha ha you are right
▶ Vesle Serena: Oh that might be why! it was e v e r y w h e r e
Girlheartfood: good luck!
▶ milk tooth's rain: ha ha -well it was a little bit away from the cafe, just around the corner from the worlds best pizzaria and you had to go through gates to get in :) -it was called Alex and Angie i think!
Anki: :)
▶ Whitney: I know, my trinity


jana said...

oh yum. if i ever move to italy again, it'll be for the food.

linda; said...

jeg har lyst til alle de lækre kager & store stykker chokolade. ps; jeg er på anti-sukker-kur i 21 dage. er kun halvvejs, og disse billeder var h å r d e !

sofie said...


Svanna said...

Ohhh Panforte you had me at hello!

gracia said...

Oh! Such sweets! Really, these tempting visuals are too too tempting.