More pictures of lovely Bergamo - we ate good food, drank good wine and enjoyed ourselves. We actually ate at the same restaurant every night! it was SO good -and i don't have a single photo from it! i must have been too absorbed by the pizza to take any photos! If you ever visit Bergamo, be sure to stop by this place.

▶ Jana: I know, i want to go back just for the food!
Linda: Sukkerkur lyder så hårdt og strengt. Men sikkert grundlæggende en god ide!
▶ amarOrama: det er forståeligt. Det gør jeg også
Svanna: Vi spiste faktisk næsten ikke nogen kager
▶ Gracia: Ther were soo many cakes around! i never knew italy was so sweet


máni said...

i really enjoyed looking at your photos from bergamo. and it is indeed a good sign if the food is so delicious it makes you forget to snap a photo! :)

siri said...

Wine and that how they do breakfast in Italy?

lisen said...

lovley photo of your sister!

dressedtogrow said...

Lovely photos indeed!

There´s an award for you in my blog :)

LouLou said...

Muffins og rødvin, kan det blive bedre. Det ser ud til at have været en dejlig dejlig tur.

golriz said...

wonderful photographs! i'm enjoying seeing the earth through your eyes. :)

Anonymous said...

ooh, that chocolate looks so delicious.

Lex said...

Alessia: I'm Italian and I live in Milan. If you will come in Milan another time i will be happy ti show you my city. There are a lot of things to see and to do. 10 Corso Como is a very special place, but i go there for to see show, look arond a shop a take just a coffe because is too expensive.