Last four pictures from Bergamo! Promise! The cappuccinos in Italy were surprisingly milky (and i like mine surprisingly black) so every cafe we visited we tried to explain just how we like our coffee. Many places didn't get it. Good coffee! But too milky. Then we found THE place! a very small kiosk-like cafe with an old couple running the business: She took care of selling the gum and croissants and he made the coffee. "Due cappuccini con caffé doppio" we said and he made us the perfect cup with the perfect foam and the perfect amount of milk. bliss.

▶ Pernille/Novice: Skal helt sikkert tilbage -en sensommer med varm, lav sol
And So I Whisper: I wish we had more time to get to know it!
▶ Sarah Carlson: I take that as a Big compliment! wish i remember where they were from... must do some searching..
Shokoofeh: :)
▶ fiori.viola: I was in Milan almost two weeks ago :)
Anki: It was!
▶ Modekolibrien: Ja det var utroligt uimodsåeligt! -hvis ikke det var fordi vi kun kunne have håndbagage med hjem..
Gustav: Do it! It think that would be a brilliant idea! <3
▶ Emeraldson: Best pair ever. i could eat it forever!


POP TART said...

Elsker din brug af udråbstegn og punktummer, meget meta!

valentina said...

'caffè doppio' :)
so interesting to see my city -milano-through your photos. everything looks more cute!

Fenke said...

hey mette,
we tried out your pizza recipe two days ago - sooo yummy! the dough turned out perfect and was also very delicious as little buns for breakfast. the dough we used to make tastes a little too yeasty or too much like flour for that. and it was so easy! plus the basil-garlic-oil-leftovers were a yummy addition to our regular pasta with tomatoe sauce :-)