D found his camera from a time when most people had shifted to digital. These are some of the photos from the last film roll

BTW! i got so many great tips on Milan and Bergamo from all of you, that i have another travel challenge: Where to STAY when in Stockholm! We are looking for a cheap and perfectly located hostel to stay at in Stockholm this summer! -feel free to all so add some tips for what to do in the city!

▶ Everyone: Thank you everyone for the sweet comments!
Vesle Serena: Oh we just love that she can be in day care! she gets to play with other kids and we get some much need time to study, work, go to school, clean, all that stuff!
▶ B: :) Hun har også fået et rigtig fint fastelavsris fra vuggestuen -eller rettere: hun har lavet!
girlheartfood: I made a template in hard cardboard -just drew a triangle that i liked the look and size of- and i would cut a pane of fabric in the right hight and fold it and put the template to the fabric and just cut -but then, im not really that thorough or careful when i sew and my quilts are not that precise. Then i order all the triangles in a stack and sew them together in one loooong pane and finally cut it up in the right width of the quilt


Lisen said...

film roll photots is great! i like the suprise it brings. love the last photo!!

PROVINS said...

Det ligner jo min barndom i firserne til forveksling...

Esther said...

oh my, if that isn't one sweet kiddo, I don't know.

snygg said...

Can't help you with the hostel, but get to Djurgarden. Walk through Gamla Stan. Shop in Östermalm, at Designtorget e.g.. Enjoy the view from Strandvägen. Eat loads of kanelbullar. Walk from Gamla Stand over to Norrmalm. Walk around Skeppsholmen. And just have fun :)

J said...

Enjoy reading your blog and specially looking at all the nice photos!

For hostels in Stockholm I would very much recommend Zinkensdamm, in a central green area next to the water and lots of parks for kids outside, short walk to the shopping area of Södermalm. Stayed there many times with my family.

Mr. Kristiansson said...

Mette, du skal bo på Söder!

Det er et dejligt område og det ligner Nørrebro og Vesterbro ret meget - perfekt for hipsters som os. Jeg kender dog desværre ikke til nogen billige steder at bo.

Stockholmstips said...

Ät mat och drick cocktails här:
Landet ligger i samma område som Konstfack, Stockholms konstnärliga högskola, 10 minuter utanför innerstan.

Har själv aldrig bott på hotell/hostel eftersom jag bor i Stockholm, men af Chapman är ett klassiskt hostel som ligger mitt i stan:

Trädgården är en klubb som arrangeras under sommaren och som det är väl värt att hålla ögonen på:

Massa barer och vintagebutiker finns på Södermalm. Undvik Drottninggatan, city och Gamla stan. Bara trista turistfällor.

our strange nature said...

When I stayed in Stockholm last summer, i stayed at Best Hostel Old Town Skeppsbron: right in the center. Very cheap, good beds and free pasta in the kitchen :)
We originally wanted to stay in the Långholmen Hostel ( a prison turned into hostel) but it was already booked..

E N J O Y !

Anonymous said...

I usually stay at the colombus hotel In sodamalm. It's a hotel but you can get a cheap room on the top level and they are really nice rooms. The hotel is in a really old building and the breakfasts are great too :) best part of town too!!

emma said...

wow. so long since i've been here now, i just gave up my RSSfeed and I dont now why. stupid me. i like your blog, how could i forget to check it out for so long?! im full of regret.
this is wonderful.

Anni said...

I'm late in commenting - just wanted to add a recommendation for a nice hostel in Stockholm: hostel Castanea in Gamla Stan. Pretty affordable, great location, close to Södermalm & metro. I've been to a few others, but this one I liked the most!