Im really into entities these days -floating objects- and I love the N S E W project -such a nice, light and creative site and I really want the magnets from the shop for my fridge! Reminds me of this piece by Maria Mantella

Go play around!

▶ Máni: it really is!
Stockholmstips: Thank you for the tips!
▶ Magdaloony: I all of a sudden remember how i sometimes get annoyed with the sun in the summer when its right through in your eyes and you are trying to work.
Linda: Det er ret luksus at kunne tage på strand udflugt så nemt
▶ Mari: Der er et par stykker..
our strange nature: Oh cool thank you for the tips!
▶ amy w - over and under: This still puzzles me that things can be so upside down :)
LouLou: ..prøver at glemme at det har regnet i dag..
▶ siri: I love the beach in the winter -or actually just when its not summer!
Anonymous: You are so sweet to give me tips!
▶ Elitsa: Elinor LOVES watching Rufus run! she laughs so much!
Veja cecilia: I love the light mornings and afternoons! so reassuring
▶ sofie: Oh how cool that you went to the beach! We live pretty close by and yeah, its still c o l d
Anki: It really is great to be able to walk to the beach -even if i don't really like it in the summer


sofie said...

it's a nice neighbourhood to live i suppose! we biked there from Ørestad, where it was quite windy - the wind pushed me & my bike over and i fell flat on my face, haha.

gracia said...

Like the invitation to play suggested by these examples. To play is good advice too. Must make more time to goof around and welcome the silly.

millo said...

vild med det! collager <3

Gemma said...

That's so funny, I spent over an hour on the NSEW page the other day, playing with the shapes. Such a good idea. So simple and so fun.
I was just about to post my silly collages on my blog.