I actually really really love fall and winter. The dark days suits me. But wow how i also love the LIGHT these days! So much light in our apartment. and i love having the windows open all day and hearing the sounds and feeling the breeze. (wondering why im writing about light and showing pictures of food... there must be some connection...)

▶ Everyone: Im so happy that you could see the beauty and happiness in the wedding photos! we were so happy to be a part of it!


what a way to spend a tuesday

I spend my tuesday with the best friends at the best surprise wedding! We only knew two days in advance and it was the most beautiful day in the sun with champagne and pizza and the best couple in the world! What a way to get married!
(ps. as im writing this my two regular birds are eating brunch on the window next to me. <3 it)
▶ Magdaloony: exactly! want to make stuff!
Pernille: Totalt! bliver sur på skyerne, men nu er de heldigvis ved at forsvinde
▶ La Sale Bete: Rufus is both the fastest and the laziest of the two.


a little bit of everything

The mood in copenhagen i so nice these days. Or wouldn't know, cos i don't get around much -but the mood in my part of time is nice! spring + sun + sort of vacation. I have got a ton of projects to work on -but most of them don't feel like work.

▶ Vesle Serena: That is good to know!
▶ Ida Nielsen: Im really happy to hear! sometimes i wonder if anyone ever read them -well sort of
▶ Millo: Den var så åbenlys at den måtte laves :)


Recently had a talk to another copenhagen blogger about words on blogs. No one can be in doubt of what is important on this blog. Its not the words. And sometimes i think of skipping the words all together. But then i stop myself and write something meta instead :) + post a gif

▶ Tine: I didn't know i like to watch birds!
Tiffany: Eyes can perk up any kitchen equipment!
▶ Louise: Its perfect when you live high up like us!


aero bird

Birds are eating of our window bird feeder! its so fantastic! i get so happy when a little bird is sitting right next to me. Today two birds sat on each side just looking me and pecked at the glass! maybe they find me as funny is i find them! This is a two subject post! Birds and Aero press! I recently borrowed one from this fine blogger to test it out and decided to buy one to get a bit more coffee variety. What i like about it so far: many brew options + fast + cleaner milder taste. (what i don't like: ugly, not as nice a brewing experience, no crema)

▶ Thank you for all the sweet comments! thoses photos might be of her fourth and fifth steps but you can see how proud she is :)


baby steps

if you follow me on twitter you know that Elinor took some pretty important steps this weekend :) in the sunshine. comeback sunshine. please?



So i bought a pair of shoes in Bergamo and right when I got home I bought two more pairs! First pair was really cheap and quite uncomfortable (from Monki), but I really like the style -and second pair was just down right irresistible! Ever since i first saw the collaboration between Converse and Marimekko I knew I would have to cash out some money and get my hands of one of the amazing pairs of colorful shoes!



i miss italy. (this is two things i bought in Bergamo -pay no attention to what my daughter is doing in the background..)

▶ rva Reipas: Thank you so much!
▶ Alice: I have been cutting his hair for a long time -and yes the trimmer makes it alot easier! but also just practice :)
▶ Whitney: When i see your photos on instagram i really think Tayvee and E looks a lot alike!
▶ Anki: Thank you so much -that is really what this blog should be about..
▶ Ella: Very :)
▶ Lisen: I want a vacation at home!
▶ Stine Marie: :)
▶ explodingcucumber, Inger Marie: Thank you!
▶ LouLou: ;) tak!
▶ Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Glad for at du kan lide det!
▶ Anni: Cool -thank you for the tip!
▶ Kiwitz: So funny you should mention this -im working on a project related to this! but i will send you an email with some tips!
▶ Fifi: oh im so glad you think so! i really only see D in her
▶ Emma: GULLIG!


everyday stuff

Everyday stuff. Food, cutting D's hair, more food and eating and reading. Good stuff.

▶ Everyone: Knowing that you guys read the comment-replies i feel bad about making this an 'everyone' :) But thank you for all your input. Im gonna have fun making a new design and possibly moving my blog too! i will keep you updated!