i miss italy. (this is two things i bought in Bergamo -pay no attention to what my daughter is doing in the background..)

▶ rva Reipas: Thank you so much!
▶ Alice: I have been cutting his hair for a long time -and yes the trimmer makes it alot easier! but also just practice :)
▶ Whitney: When i see your photos on instagram i really think Tayvee and E looks a lot alike!
▶ Anki: Thank you so much -that is really what this blog should be about..
▶ Ella: Very :)
▶ Lisen: I want a vacation at home!
▶ Stine Marie: :)
▶ explodingcucumber, Inger Marie: Thank you!
▶ LouLou: ;) tak!
▶ Britt-Marie Oskarsson: Glad for at du kan lide det!
▶ Anni: Cool -thank you for the tip!
▶ Kiwitz: So funny you should mention this -im working on a project related to this! but i will send you an email with some tips!
▶ Fifi: oh im so glad you think so! i really only see D in her
▶ Emma: GULLIG!


Ara said...

Looks so cool and comfy!

B said...

Hehe, hun er et rigtigt vuggestue barn, sejt:)miss her...:(

lisen said...

lovley shoes, all of them! Love shoes.. and Elinor, hahaha! Did you see the fruit shoes at my blog, I dream 'bout them...

Have a nice weekend!!

emma said...

haha, i smile when i read the last sentence. so funny! go ellinor!! :)
nice shoes, all of them! great to buy many shoes at a time. i soooo need new shoes as well. now im inspired. marimekko for pres.