a little bit of everything

The mood in copenhagen i so nice these days. Or wouldn't know, cos i don't get around much -but the mood in my part of time is nice! spring + sun + sort of vacation. I have got a ton of projects to work on -but most of them don't feel like work.

▶ Vesle Serena: That is good to know!
▶ Ida Nielsen: Im really happy to hear! sometimes i wonder if anyone ever read them -well sort of
▶ Millo: Den var så åbenlys at den måtte laves :)


Magdaloony said...

Vad underbart! Både med vår och med projekt som inte känns som jobb. Jag är också väldigt pepp – jag vill producera!! :)

Anonymous said...

Du har helt ret - der er noget med stemningen. Meget vanedannende! Og sikke nogle dejlige fotos.

la_sale_bete said...

It looks like Elinor and Rufus are having a race. I wonder who would win! =)