Recently had a talk to another copenhagen blogger about words on blogs. No one can be in doubt of what is important on this blog. Its not the words. And sometimes i think of skipping the words all together. But then i stop myself and write something meta instead :) + post a gif

▶ Tine: I didn't know i like to watch birds!
Tiffany: Eyes can perk up any kitchen equipment!
▶ Louise: Its perfect when you live high up like us!


Vesle Serena said...

those are such happy pictures! I agree, even if your pictures always tell a story, i still appreciate some words to go with them :)

Ida Nielsen said...

For the record; I enjoy your words just as much as your pictures. Keep 'em flowing :-)

millo said...

gif'en er jo fantastisk!!! åh så fin!

emma said...

what a trio. like the power puff girls... ;)