Books II

Okay, so our internet has been out all weekend = no blogging. Instead i cleaned the apartment and watched movies. Well, i was about to show you so pictures from some books :) This is Moomins Birthday-button and i am particularly in love with the angry moomin ...would make a good tattoo..

▶Amber Renee: Thank you!
Fine little day: it helps to photograph all the colors, then you see them more clearly
▶ Stefanie: Good luck to you too! It helps that other people are going through the same :)
Gracia: I love the double stripes too -they were very coincidental
▶ B: Ja, i skal nok få det rigtig sjovt!
Anonymous: The blue crate is from our local supermarket :)
▶ Kate: Oh so sweet of you to say!
Irene: Nah, its by Our Children's Gorilla, but i believe its not being produced anymore
▶ Siri: ha ha -great observation!
Lisen: ah such a great lamp!!
▶ Bonjour Johanna: Thank you so much! i could use some magic powers!!
Sofia: I know -its both pretty, cosy and useful!


Books I

E favorite thing to play with is her books. Not too interested in the content - unless she sees a lion - but she can spend a lot of time just flipping pages. Im gonna show you some good books in the next days.

In other news i have now turned in all my written exams + come down with annoying cold = YAY & buuuhhh... (+ i have two more exams in about a month so i really should start studying)

Ola + Saarah : The Scull Cave is from the swedish company Our Children's Gorilla, but i don't think they make it anymore :(
Anja: He is a regular cutie pie
▶ nsm: I believe you wrote something like: How cute is your dog - if im right about that: Thank you!
Emily: I know -how cool would it be with a cave for everyone in the family
▶ Whitney: I know, kids and dogs have it down
Emma: I know! share my grief


dogs life

how many times a day do you think i envy Rufus and his doggy life? ....many!

▶ Malin: I know -but its such a boring wish!
Flora: Thank you! The one im writing now is killing me! can't wait till its done!
▶ Emma: Jeg siger hele tiden til mig selv: bare nyd det, stå og dagdrøm, slap af! men det er egentlig ikke opvasken der er værst -det er det, at man aldrig har tid til det og der derfor er alt for meget af den!
Sofie: When you are done, stop by here pleas!
▶ Malene: Ja, jeg elsker også når man kan se at andre bloggere også roder!
Sofie: Thanks! i was just about to take it down the other day, but then i saw the photo of it and started liking it again
▶ Gardener Soap: The problem is that im always doing 20 things at once, so it becomes difficult to stay on top of the dishes
Natasha: "Byproduct of having a life" - Love that - The plant is some sort of succulent -i don't know its name and im about to throw it out ... maybe.. maybe i will keep it


get real

Thought the pictures of our superclean apartment the other day (erhm.. i guess it was weeks ago..) need some balance. Here is what it looks like most days. If not worse. Who have time for doing the dishes really?? for the first time since i left my parents home i really wish we had a dishwasher...

▶ Kiwitz: aw thats too bad! I have been so busy that i had totally forgotten too!
Sandra: Such good things are gonna come from this -like taking control of your own space and setting the rules!
▶ Tambourine sam: :) godt at kunne inspirere midt i opgaveskrivning!
Lina: We should definitely "talk" about this! i find it very interesting! i have been writing about it from a communications point of view but there are always a lot of sociology intertwined! And i often feel theories and academic papers so far has fail to capture things like the motives of blogging and the value and even just the character of the community! Send me an email and i will reply as soon as possible -probably after this wednesday!
Elisabet: Thank you so much for the sweet comment!
Lisen: GO Lisen Go GO! - and unfortunately Rufus didn't get any ice cream -but elinor got more than her share!
▶ LM photographic: I feel happy every time i see it too!
Belle Fleur de Lis: She is :)
▶ Alicia: Thank you so much
Melwa: Thank you!!



I handed in one exam paper today -have two papers due next week so not a lot of free time. Just enough to post these two week old photos from a visit at my parents place. Dreaming.. You know what the first photo is? Home made raspberry and mango sorbet topped off with blended berries and creme. You know what that is? Bliss!

Everyone: i have been stuck in front of the computer even more than usually; writing a paper on identification, community and motivation in the blogosphere and at the same time following the debate over at sweet Sandras blog. I felt like writing a whole thing about it, but the problem is, that its only a couple of anonymous people making me and so many others angry and i guess its really not worth it. Sandra wrote a nice post that totally captures my main point: blogs = free! As in the blogger is free and the readers are free. None of them are bound by any obligations. And free is precious. So be free - and play nice - and maybe buy your favourite blogger coffee.
(i have updated the little caption above the comment form - i don't want to disable anonymous comments because you cut off a lot of non techy people that way, but I really don't have any time for nasty anonymous comments so those will be deleted)
Oh and im so sorry for those who's comments got lost in the Blogger-downtime last week! I have been using Blogger for over three years and its the first real downtime i have experienced, so I forgive them this one time


People!!! love them!!

Don't you just love people? I do! this weekend a package came all the from Norway with a gift for Elinor! just because! Inside was the coolest 70s t-shirt with little indians! I think its just perfect -and such a perfect color combo for Elinor as well. Thank you thank you thank you Siri!

▶ Everyone: Im still so busy with exams that i hardly have time to read any blogs! thank you for staying around and for commenting! summer will come at some point when these four exams are over!


human zoo

Some more photos from that lovely sunshine day. Im really in love with that first one. Its from a park right next to the zoo and it was such an iconic summer view.

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the comments and for sticking around even when im a bad infrequent blogger (side note for Whitney: I took those pictures in the previous previous post because our kitchen had never been that clean before. it certainly isn't now :))! And just to address those couple of anonymous comments - no need to be anonymous here really - and zoo-critical comments: Yeah, the zoo is a some what conflicting place, because i love seeing the animals (and even more: seeing E seeing the animals) and then you do feel sort of bad too, but I have to point out that of course not all of the animals were laying around "paralyzed from boredom" in the sun -it just made for a fun photo series. Most of them were having fun doing their thing, and I mean, if I were a giant animal in the sun with no predators around, I think I would take a nap at noon too!


sleepy zoo

One very hot and sunny april day we went to the zoo with Elinors grandmother and saw... A whole bunch of very sleepy animals! it was a really fun day and made for some interesting pictures with all the sleeping animals -like the hippo sleeping under water! only disappointment: The giant anteater was sleeping somewhere out of sight. Have been dreaming of anteaters ever since i saw this


Good Morning

Just a quick hello to ensure you that I am not dead, traveling or have forgotten all about You. In fact I miss you all terribly. Im plain and simply dead busy. See you soon!