Books II

Okay, so our internet has been out all weekend = no blogging. Instead i cleaned the apartment and watched movies. Well, i was about to show you so pictures from some books :) This is Moomins Birthday-button and i am particularly in love with the angry moomin ...would make a good tattoo..

▶Amber Renee: Thank you!
Fine little day: it helps to photograph all the colors, then you see them more clearly
▶ Stefanie: Good luck to you too! It helps that other people are going through the same :)
Gracia: I love the double stripes too -they were very coincidental
▶ B: Ja, i skal nok få det rigtig sjovt!
Anonymous: The blue crate is from our local supermarket :)
▶ Kate: Oh so sweet of you to say!
Irene: Nah, its by Our Children's Gorilla, but i believe its not being produced anymore
▶ Siri: ha ha -great observation!
Lisen: ah such a great lamp!!
▶ Bonjour Johanna: Thank you so much! i could use some magic powers!!
Sofia: I know -its both pretty, cosy and useful!


linda; said...

det var da den fineste bog - jeg er fan! det ligner en perfekt gave til den lille niece, der elsker højtlæsning. hun siger godt nok vrede surmule-lyde, når jeg læser højt. jeg tænker, det er fordi; #1 hun ikke forstår dansk eller: #2 hun har bare ikke lært at udtrykke de rigtige lyde endnu. mhmm. hvad siger elinor til højtlæsning?

Meike said...

Oh I love the moomins so much and the other stories of Tove Jansson too. I love her simple thoughts which are so full of poetry and sometimes philosophical. And the angry moomin is really great!

stuffedmice said...

Moomins! I love them! (well, everything by Tove, really). And this edition looks beautiful.

Caitlin said...

it took me a while to figure out where i had seen these pictures but i remember now, the moomins were my favorite book when i was little. i have since discovered a hidden store of moomin books at the back of our house. thanks x

rva Reipas said...


Masako said...

I love moomins so much.and when I was a child I love watching moomin's TV cartoon every week. That's was so cute.I have still have moomin's book!

dani said...

oh i love moomins! and i love your blog, just discovered it!! :-)

dani said...

love the moomins! and i really enjoy your blog, just discovered it a few days ago! :-)