three things

plant / risotto / peach. Hope you are all doing good!

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the vacation/exam hoorays! and midsummer comments!
▶ Melanie: Im 27 - We were the first of our friends to marry and to have a kid, but quite a lot of people have kids when they are still studying since we have a really good support system for students where you get extra when you have kids.
▶ La sale bete: i really haven't got much experience but i like: Things that grow quickly, things you can pick and eat right away and things that will grow in my window sill. I would love to grow tomatoes



Just a couple of more pictures from midsummer. Such a nice evening. When Elinor had to go to bed, we went home and made burgers and fries -too hungry to photograph any of the after party though. I will get back to answering comments soon!



I finished my exams Thursday and went on to celebrate together with D and E and Pop Tart and friends with a midsummer-celebration in this really cool place close to where we live: Its an urban community garden created on an old factory ground. Everybody grow vegetables and herbs together and everyone is invited to just show up and join in. It is a really nice place and they threw the best midsummer-celebration I have been to in a long time. In Denmark we have a lot of midsummer -or Skt. Hans as its called - traditions that Im not really that into, but at Prags garden they just made a fire, and offered campfire bread, beers and rhubarb dessert. Elinor just loved the place - mostly because of her love for digging in the dirt!



YAY this summers exams are DONE! and they finished really well too :) So now I really have time to be with the two others in the sun, eating ice cream, hanging out! I can't wait! Im probably going to drop a bit in and out a bit all summer, but expect updates through out. Thank you for all the exam wishes! It was a rough week with 48 hours of coding and then an oral exam, which always makes me way too nervous, and it was great to know that you were there with me. Happy summer everyone! (sorry for the ice cream fingers on the lens..)



Soon! Soon i will be ALL done and there will be no more exams and no more school for two months! YES! The php and mysql stuff is finished and I just have one oral exam left tomorrow. Can't wait to join D and E in the sun and stay there for the rest of the summer.


here we go

Right at this moment i have just started my 48hour exam in php and mysql. Please keep me company here on the internet for the next two days and nights!?



When we got Rufus five years ago we went to a local thrift store and picked up a bunch of used teddies for our new puppy to play with when he would arrive. We soon realized that in the bunch was a strange doppelgänger sort of for Rufus -I don't even know what kind of animal it is supposed to be, but they have played together ever since (on a side note there was another funny coincident regarding Rufus: only after some time did we notice that the kibble we are feeding him is called Rufus!)



Im very busy with exams again -SOON it will all be over and SUMMER will really begin! When i procrastinate i work on my blog redesign which is moving from tweaking to massive ;)
(This dish is Svensk Pølseret)


Thank you!

It was so great reading all of your answers! So many cool things you guys do - i knew it!
I noticed that some of you answered the question "who are you?" rather than "what do you do?" Those things often mix together, but of course I am more than just a student -and really my student job at the cultural ministry is the very smallest part of who I am.
I think the reason why I asked "what do you do?" is because you often get a sense of who people are from their blog - "Who you are" shines through. But you don't always get an idea of what bloggers do -sometimes blogs are an escape from all the everyday stuff or maybe just a chance to do something else as well.
Thank you for playing along - It was so cool to hear from so many of you! (in regards to the photos for this post - sometimes I think I should open up a pizzeria)

▶ Everyone: I can't even begin to answer all of you cool comments! you are the best readers a blogger could have


I was wondering...

I was wondering... What do you do? -that is when you don't hang around the internet reading blogs -or maybe what you should be doing, when you are reading blogs? What i should be doing right now is studying for my exam in Php and Mysql - and for my exam in dynamic webdesign. Im studying for my masters in digital design and communication. I also have a job as a web assistant at the danish ministry of culture + im working on something that im gonna tell you about soon.
What do you do?

▶ Sandra: no no no -they were swallows! im sure!!
▶ Lina: Ha ha -yeah of course!
▶ Irene: Yeah its nice to mix it up
▶ Alice: No i don't - i have to look that up
▶ Bukay Alkan: Im so happy D got it for christmas
▶ Magdaloony: Its ten at night and i want brunch!
▶ Tambourine Sam: ha ha -godt mentalt billede
▶ Masako: Thank you -i actually made the rye because i found out i had run out of wheat flour
▶ Lisen: I should try that!
▶ Jayne: Those buildings are very copenhagen
▶ Izzy: Thank you for your sweet comment!
▶ Alex: Izzy reminded me that the bird feeder is called Born in Sweden
▶ Galiana street: I really haven't seen anything like this one -and its made for kids. But there are a lot of great dog houses out there



brunch with rye pancakes (thats why they are so dark :)) D likes eggs - I don't. Our little birdy who used to stop by several times a day only comes by once in a while -I guess its because its summer now. There are two swallows are chasing each other round our courtyard right now.

▶ Care: I like mixing them up so that one post has pictures takes months apart
▶ Lucy: Oh how cool! that so fantastic
▶ Snygg: I actually believe D took that photo... i need to remember to credit him...



sometimes I find, that the photos I have taken most recently are not the ones that inspire me the most. Then I have the idea of just saving all my photos and mixing them up in a new timeline -I mean it doesn't really matter to you if what I blog is what just happened or not......? These are three old outtakes

▶ Fenke: She called me up an asked if i wanted a really good present now or just a regular one later :)
▶ Lina: I hope you could use it - just for putting some thoughts in to motion
▶ Máni: Oh im so glad. Photographing books is such a weird thing, but there are such treasures there
▶ Pop Tart: TAk -det er et stort talent at have


Books IV

It's not just E who gets great books. After getting most of my inspiration online for years I was thrilled to get the book Doppelganger as a 6 months early birthday present from my big sister! Its an amazing collection of humans.

▶ schorlemädchen: Fantastic! i found a you tube video its really beautiful! i actually remember the robbers from when i was kid -but not the story
▶ Maria: It is a really cool thing and it has been going on ever since my father was a kid!
▶ Svanna: wraahh is such a good sound! good for many different animals :)
▶ Jayne: Yes the illustrations are often so beautiful -there should be more illustrations in books for grown ups
▶ Masako: I love the big white noses
▶ Steph: ahh i think you are right! i will have to see if i can catch her doing it!
▶ Eske Eske: Tusind tak skal du have