sometimes I find, that the photos I have taken most recently are not the ones that inspire me the most. Then I have the idea of just saving all my photos and mixing them up in a new timeline -I mean it doesn't really matter to you if what I blog is what just happened or not......? These are three old outtakes

▶ Fenke: She called me up an asked if i wanted a really good present now or just a regular one later :)
▶ Lina: I hope you could use it - just for putting some thoughts in to motion
▶ M├íni: Oh im so glad. Photographing books is such a weird thing, but there are such treasures there
▶ Pop Tart: TAk -det er et stort talent at have


sandra said...

exactly! i always feel weird about writing "i took this picture on the last day of april" because what does it matter! ;) love the seagull shot!

cara said...

sometimes i feel the same, i have a whole box of backlogged photos just waiting to have their turn. i love the last shot, so homely :)

lucy hearn said...

I love the birds photo.
Thankyou for your beautiful blog, there are always stunning images to look at. Your blog has been so inspiring that my friend and I have begun our own little blogs.
Thankyou again!

snygg said...

Love the second pictures! Fantastically captured.

irene said...

no, it doesn't matter - look at my blog, i do it the same way :)