Soon! Soon i will be ALL done and there will be no more exams and no more school for two months! YES! The php and mysql stuff is finished and I just have one oral exam left tomorrow. Can't wait to join D and E in the sun and stay there for the rest of the summer.


Anonymous said...

Come Come And Join Yous

sandra said...

yippie!!!! hooorray, good luck tomorrow!

Anki said...

Good luck & go Mette! Summer's waiting for you!

cara said...

i've just started holiday, it's such a great feeling. good luck with your exams!

emma said...

such a REWARD after all this hard work... and yer worth it ofcourse! go go go! :D

Ann-Louise said...

Just found your blog and luv it! You will be hearing more from me... ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, your blog screams "design!" ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss!
I just have to say that your blog is a visual festival for my college cramin' exhausted eyes :)
I read somewhere that you wrote an essay concerning blogosphere? What are your thoughts/premises /theories there?
I myself am writing a piece on the blog readers culture (or maybe better to say - lack of one) - mostly in the context of the social anonymity on blogs; so I was wondering for instance, why open yourself up to that kind of negativity and start a blog?
Why did you start a personal blog, why share with anonymous readers?
I'm not being a hater just being curious of course, I love love love your blog:)
I wonder is there maybe some little exhibitionism in blogging,corresponding to little voyeurs inside of every one of us? Is it maybe sort of a symbolic confirmation of your existence in the nowadays real world (on line) ?
Or is it the visual quality of content that marks that thin line between exhibitionism and sharing nice things with strangers?
Yup, just bablin' like a fool, I pity myself ;D But I would like to hear your thoughts.

Tihana, kisses from Zagreb Croatia

Have a nice day! :)

Maria said...

Hope everything went fine mette!! must feel so good to just relax and have a lovely summer from now on:)

happy days!