three things

plant / risotto / peach. Hope you are all doing good!

▶ Everyone: Thank you for all the vacation/exam hoorays! and midsummer comments!
▶ Melanie: Im 27 - We were the first of our friends to marry and to have a kid, but quite a lot of people have kids when they are still studying since we have a really good support system for students where you get extra when you have kids.
▶ La sale bete: i really haven't got much experience but i like: Things that grow quickly, things you can pick and eat right away and things that will grow in my window sill. I would love to grow tomatoes

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Anki said...

The risotto looks delicious and I like the peachgraffiti.
We were the first of our friends to have a child too, by the way. Now I'm 30 and eldest son Wolf turns 5 in november. I like being a 'young' mother.
Have a nice evening.