After my exams D bought celebratory cupcakes from Agnes Cupcakes. Veeery pretty and delicious - i love how they come in individual boxes! Silly and pretty. I settled down with a caprese*, cappuccino and cupcakes and watched The Wire**. Best way to unwind.
* One minute after photographing the splendor i had to move it a bit and dropped the caprese down my shirt !!
** The Wire is absolutely mandatory watching!
*** -just an extra note to say that it is thundering like CRAZY - i can't remember that last time i experienced thunder like this! But i did have a strange thunder experience earlier this week when we watched lightnings several 100 km away (from the pink spot)

▶ Lene: de er helt og aldeles selvsyede -og ikke særligt dygtigt syet oven i købet
▶ Anki: I like it too! some of our very good friends are joining us in parenthood soon!


jokemijn said...

your footnote made me smile, love it when you dare to show the less idealistic side of a blogger's life :)
How far are you in "the wire"? i've gone like a thunderstorm through all the seasons and the last one i did really really slow because i wanted to keep it going for as long as possible. Enjoy it, it IS one of the best series ever.

epe said...

looks like everything i want rigth now! :)

la_sale_bete said...

Yes, it sounds wonderful! I love summer storms!

Jayne said...

Those cupcakes look so cute. What a delicious little feast you have there :) I'm ashamed to say I've never seen The Wire but I hear a lot of people raving about it so I should really get around to watching it!

Crystal said...

There is no better show than The Wire!!! Omar is my favorite. And also Snoop from the later seasons :)

Anonymous said...

Hvor ser det lækkert ud! MUMS! Jeg ville hvertfald ikke have noget i mod, hvis nogen kom med én lille pakke til mig indeholdende en lækker cupcake <3

Maria said...

aaah looks so good, I want that all in front of me so I can just eat it all up:)

I heard about the copenhagen thunderstorm, even saw a video clip where somebody had filmed the storm and rain outside their window..scary.

cara said...

aww they look lovely! cupcakes are totally deserved after a batch of exams. i really live the packaging too!

emma said...

hehe, great footnotes... but could you eat it then..? threw it all away? nooo?
the cupcakes looks sweet, in two ways. :D