Just a little weather post for you to day. Im in the middle of the longest school day ever known to man. Every wednesday 8.00 - 21.00. Yep.


Three Things

Three Very Good Things:
1: Nested animals by the wonderfully talented Ingela Parrhenius
2: Coffee rituals. Twice daily I take my time and make a very good cup of coffee
3: The best of them all: Olga! (Who turned out to be the baby hiding in this belly)

▶ Everyone: I can't tell you how fantastic it is to have birds around! You should all get a bird feeder (@camilla, Ja vi havde en plastbubbla, men den her virker endnu bedre)



Our old bird feeder broke. It fell down and shattered and gone was Kristian, as we called the bird who came by to eat several times a day. But. We had another kind of bird feeder just waiting for this day and this one seems to attracting different kinds of birds for the old one. Im actually liking this one better. The birds are very camera shy but i managed to capture a few shots before they flew away. Also: look how good my herbs are looking! I never used to be able to grow anything and these have survived for over a month now!

▶ Everyone: Ahhh how good to know that my readers can appreciate my new found friend! She is 21.5 inches and 8gb ram and a lot of fun to be around!


oh friend

I got a new work buddy! 'Got' as in 'bought' and 'work buddy' as in 'work horse' - its going to be a beautiful friendship

▶ Everyone: Thank you so much for all your sweet comments! Its very exiting to see yourself in such a cool magazine!



So happy to be featured in Uppercase Magazine - such an inspiring magazine!

▶ Lisen: I know - the pram is so cool! -and the house was amazing!
▶ Pop Tart: lots and lots of <3
▶ Gracia: I really love out of focus evening shots!
▶ Jokemijn: I know, i never attempt them myself



I spent the weekend at a wedding. And not just any wedding. But a wedding where EVERYTHING - the weather, the food, the home brewed beer, the view, the people - was over the top amazing. And of course, it wasn't just any wedding, because it was some of my very best friends in this world that got married.. Tak og tillykke Louise og Rasmus!

▶ Everyone: I'm glad we can all agree that Barcomi's looks like and is one of the best places to sit down for some cake when you are in Berlin -and a sandwich too! i will have to try that next time! The soda is some kind of syrup with sparkling water and i found it so beautiful i have to recreate it soon at home. -But look out, up and to the side if you plan to visit, because it is hidden in a secret court yard!


B for Barcomi's

This is a blog post dedicated to Barcomi's in Berlin (Mitte, Sophienstrasse) and their chocolate-espresso-cheesecake!



Berlin is my favourite sushi-city -I have never been to Japan, that might be why- This is from a place where the sushi is half price all day except from 22 - 00 AND they have the famous crispy rolls that Louise and I tried to replica this spring. Im gonna try again soon. Crispy rolls are to die for. Tomorrow im gonna party with Louise!


See you again

Our favourite Swedes, whom we visited last year in Gothenburg, had been kind enough to accommodate to our vacation plans and move to Berlin so we could visit them there. They showed us the best pizza and the best beer in Berlin - and that is saying a lot! We were so lucky that we could meet these sweet people again - and it was so good to finally have some of my curiosity met by seeing their amazing home in the old city. See you soon again, I hope!

▶ Everyone: Berlin is such an easy city to love - I have been there regularly over the past 10 years and I still want to go back as soon as I can (It helps that it is super cheap to fly there and that we know several people with apartments for rent :))
▶ Emma: Don't think I know that one - but i go out so rarely :/ - next time you should come by for coffee!


Berlin Berlin

Every vacation should end with a trip to Berlin. I wasn't too good with my camera - the company was too good - but you are still gonna get a couple of more Berlin posts!

▶ Everybody: Yes the hot dog mosaic was pretty magical and from Kronobergsparken in Stockholm.   -if any of you have asked questions that i haven't answered during the vacation please just write me again!
▶ La_Sale_Bete: Its Barbapapa!
▶ Pernilla: A little late, but yes! its totally okay to use my photos as long as you mention me and link back
▶ KmilaRodz: How lovely that you are going to sweden -im from Denmark and have only been to Göteborg and Stockholm once, so im probably not the best to give tips for your trip :)